Care and value your beloved one

We live in life with selfish mind and sometimes lost mind when we get greedy. Anyway and anyhow there at least someone exist who love and care about you. But you don’t know it or you don’t value it even if you are seeing. Then the one who got pain feeling is not only her or him but also you. Sometime we can make very wrong decisions due to unexpected conditions without taking control our self. Then the person who got pain is our self also. Newton said ‘For any action, there is a reaction’. If you broke some heart, […]

How to use Facebook in slow connection

Some of my friends claimed that they couldn’t use Facebook due to very slow connection. I agree with it. But I would give you some method to use Facebook in very slow connection. But this is for those who use Facebook in PC. Type ‘’ in navigation bar in browser and use Facebook in mobile version. In mobile Facebook would give you very simple UI to do everything except you cannot check friend activities and open chat box. But it is fine for you to see news feed and update your status and photos. when if you are in […]

Many online shopping websites are emerging in Myanmar

From 2011, the number of online shopping site emerging in Myanmar is dramatically increased. Today more than 30 online shopping websites is operating in the country. Some are from global companies, but some are local based company, which they launched their online shopping websites. Some includes – The biggest barrier of them to go forward is online payment system, because people in Myanmar don’t still get used to with online payment system and there is still no the perfect online payment system appeared in the country. Global online payment system such as PayPal and MasterCard could still not […]

Facebook released new Page design

Facebook released new Page design around this days. It seems that they redesigned the template to become like a people’s personal user account profile page. For those who want to get new design, they can click on ‘join wait list’ button on own pages. The design look good, but some people don’t like it because the post would only appear in one column and the right side column would only be used to show page information, Apps, Photos, Videos, Post to page, People also like feature, explorer and page likes. It really became like a user account profile wall. The […]

Myanmar people rather need experience than certificates

Some of young people in Myanmar are trying to get job by attending classes and getting a lot of certificates. I really took them long get some degree. Finally when they applied for job, some fail and some got job with very few salaries that they didn’t expect. Actually the reason is that they don’t have much experience. Many global companies Experience believe and said that the best need for them from local workers is good experience in both local and global regions. Jort statema, country manager of (a local leading job websites), said,’We don’t get excited by seeing […]

Myanmar website builders should read Google’s guideline for SEO

Google already give the guideline for everyone else, who have website, to improve SEO of the website. But Myanmar people are not familiar with the meaning of SEO. SEO means search engine optimization. If you can optimize your site for user to easily find in search engine, you will get more visitor. For it, there are many organization who published guideline to follow. But Google,themselves, also gave the best guideline. Here is starters. For Online reader – download – blogger to improve SEO, you can read here to make your site perfect in SEO – There are […]

The saying: Don’t show your to Myanmar before you finished

There is a saying in Myanmar language that is ‘Don’t show your to Myanmar before you finished’. I would explain you. It means that when you are running for a business or project based on your own idea, you shouldn’t let any Myanmar people know it because they would copy you, and do the best thing. The saying origin from Myanmar and it is true for local people. The reason is that many Myanmar people don’t have much creative idea so they always watch the passionate people what they do and they copy it when they found the idea. It […]

Government reduced tax on car for registration

 Around this day, Ministry of Land Transport of Myanmar announced a new tax charging system on vehicles. For the car which have engine size 1350 cc and under the size, the buyer has to pay the tax 30 percent of original buying price (which is 50 percent in the past) from global market for local registration. For between 1351 and 2000 cc, registration tax reduced from 80 to 50 percent of original price. For between 2001 and 5000 cc engine size cars, tax is reduced from 100 to 80 percent of original price. It is the good news for car […]

Tired of entrepreneurship?

There are many entrepreneurs in Myanmar who are working in every field, especially in IT and Business field. Some still go forward but some stopped going because they are tired of it. Because they are tired of waiting and trying, they lost their ambition and went to traditional and conventional businesses. The reason why they are tired of it is losing trust on it and losing patience. Steve Job even started selling computer when no one knew what the computer is and when they are only familiar with typing machines. Actually we can also do it if we trust and […]

Why people like iPhones

When we ask anybody on the road in Yangon what their dream handset, they would said iPhone, especially iPhone 5S for now because it is the latest one. They would said iPhone 6 for next few month. Apple already got love of people in Myanmar by iPhones. Here are some reasons why we like i Phones. Good style and impression Apple is being recognized as the most expensive brand in the world, which is hard word of Steve Job, founder of Apple. He proudly introduced iPhone as the world first smartphone even though there are also other companies said they […]