Social network aiming for drivers is an opportunity in Myanmar

Image: a cab driver using an app to track the customer in New York. If there emerged a social network for car drivers, I dare say it would get success. Because both car owners and taxi drivers in Myanmar need to go an online portal to share their experience and help each others, creating a social network for car drivers/ owners  is an opportunity. Cab drivers population Total population of cabs in Yangon is more than 300 000s. If any social media who could serve for that number, they will get unlimited benefits. I also know that most people are […]

Drainage became garbage in Yangon

It is a photo taken in the center of Yangon, Hledan award in Kamaryut Township. It was just a drainage system for any kind of surplus water to flow though to protect the city flooding. But it became garbage for the township, made up by residences. It is not the only one and the kind is happening everywhere in Yangon. Backyards of the living building also became big garbage. People always blame for the government didn’t offer a good trash throwing system. It’s true, but each one should also take the responsibility for environment saving such as not throwing trash […]

Myanmar Businesses rather want a Facebook page than a website

The Facebook users in Myanmar have increased dramatically since 2010. Today more than 1 million of people in Myanmar use it, but this prediction is not an exact index. There is no organization in Myanmar to survey it. Anyway, most people came to know it than Google and Internet. When some buy a phone, they rather ask whether it could have Facebook than ask internet/mobile data. Then it became popular among Myanmar people not only in Yangon but also in other region, but Yangon is having the most populated user. Web industry is also developing better than before 2010 also. […]

Need for Speed film is not a difference

Today, on Saturday, I watched Need for Speed film in Nay Pyi Taw cinema in Yangon. I first tough that it would give me something news and better to my experiences. But it is not a difference one. Based on the video game, using the most expensive cars on the film, Need for Speed just showed how fast and how to drive first a sport car. Tobey Marshall (Aaron Paul in hollywood) is a former car racer and revenged for his friend who got killed by car accident in the last racing by Dino (villan in the movie). Bugatti Veyron, […]

What I have learned from 300: Rise of am Empire

Last Friday night, I watched 300: Rise of am Empire, a follow-up 2007 film to 300, is a fantasy war film. The film showed the battle between Greek Empire and Persian Empire.  The film differed from the first 300 because all battle senses are in the sea water, showing battles between many ships, including destroyers and big yachts. The film gave me some of the following facts. Never give before you get commitment It’s funny and shameful to share, but it is important. Persian naval commander, Artemisia, had a sex with Athens general, Themistocles to convince him to join Persians. […]

ASEAN Youth Forum 2014 was held in Yangon, but only few people knew

ASEAN Youth Forum 2014 was held in University of Yangon, Kamaryut Township, Yangon on 17, 18 and 19 of March. The mission includes creating a rights-based, inclusive, people-centered, youth-driven regional community in ASEAN region, and creating environment to develop leaders of the future and to cater youths’ needs. It seems the forum got successful, but many young people said that they didn’t even know where it was held and what Asian Youth Forum is. Only few youths who goes American Center, Britain Council to learn English language. There are only few young people in Yangon who can go and learn […]

Little money, little creative

Photo: Myanmar girl, at under 14, working in a food house People from global side said Myanmar can work very hard and can do all test and duty given down from the top. But one weak point what everyone see on Myanmar people is that the people don’t have much creative idea that is for new invention and entrepreneurship. Yes. we agree partially because creative idea, and others, that drive to invention news things, came from people who have no worries. Being a citizen in a poor country, living in life with many worries, including for eating, sleeping under a […]

What real success means

Image: A young entrepreneur group named MM Social Sky in Myanmar in Barcam 2014 event. Most youth in Myanmar want to get success. From two of three youths, they will tell you that they want success. But I am sure that some don’t know what the real meaning of the success is. They might said success is living in a big luxury house with luxury household equipments, driving the world most expensive cars, chasing the prettiest girl in the world (for boy) and every people see and give them respect. Actually it is totally wrong. One of my friends was […]

Myanmar need to strengthen electronic law

Although the country has the law to protect people from cyber bullying, it still need to strengthen more because such crimes as leaking naked video and photos online are spreading everywhere in Myanmar which goes global. There are many people who got bullied by their leaked naked video and other videos shot by hidden cameras. There was a famous Myanmar singer and actress named Thazin whose video of being on the bed with ex-boyfriend was spreading through internet. There no lawsuit and filing from her weren’t came out because she feel shame and believe the condition that the law for […]

Rolls-Royce-like expensive cars are in Myanmar

Everybody already knew that Myanmar is a country, where in most of the citizen are living on little money. But there are also a high-class standard people who are rich like people in Singapore country because they can buy the world most expensive cars to ride in Myanmar. Expensive and luxury cars like Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Audi, Mercedes, BMW, Lamborghini, Bugatti and some others have entered Myanmar since 2012, but the number of the car are still limited. The car seems in the pictured was on, local online car market. It is 2014 model Rolls-Royce Wraith coupé, having engine size […]