Don’t facts for entrepreneurs who want success

You want success? Everyone wants success. Some may know how to get it. Some don’t know. But it is too bad if he or she don’t know what to avoid while trying to get success. Let me give you the facts. Don’t be lazy If we are lazy, it is sure that we don’t get to your goal. Nothing comes to lazy person, but something good comes to those who are hard-working. Laziness is the fact to avoid while you are trying to get success. Don’t hesitate Sometime, we hesitate because of so many reasons. We cannot decide, we cannot […]

The reason why you are failing in your career

My friend asked me why they are not getting success in their career and even sometime getting failed. I shared my opinion. You are having conceit If you are having conceit of your education status and skill, you don’t want to listen to other. And you only like other listen to your words. It sometimes stops your learning.  Although you eager to learn sometime, you don’t as you feel shame for other talk about your bad. You don’t if they don’t You know what I mean? For instance, someone who is higher than you in position in job give you […]

Save the children from labor field in Myanmar

You can also see that there are many, many children who are working to get money. Some sell snacks, some sell work in restaurants as a waiter and some beg for money instead of working. But all of them are doing these and those because their parents and step fathers and mothers are driving them to do it. I feel sad to see such kind of children. In many traffic junction in Yangon, there we can see many children asking for money from cars and selling accessories to get money. Some sell flowers in pagoda. Some sell plastic bags. A […]

Why young people shouldn’t work in Multi-level marketing in Myanmar

First, I would like to say that I am not insulting the companies that use Multi-level marketing. The article intends to young people in Myanmar. MLM is one of the leading marketing strategy in the world. Many people in the world are working in Multi-Level Marketing. In Myanmar too, I am seeing that many are interesting and working in it. The following are the reasons why young people shouldn’t work in MLM. You are young If you are under 35, you still have enough energy to work physically and mentally. I don’t mean that MLM don’t need energy to work. […]

LinkedIn is the growing job market place in Myanmar

LinkedIn has more than 300 million worldwide users. People in Myanmar region using LinkedIn is growing since 2011. I don’t know the fact that how many people are using LinkedIn in Myanmar. But all of my friends are using LinkedIn. LinkedIn also become one of the job markets in Myanmar. Many foreign companies are recruiting users from LinkedIn.  I am also getting lots of contacts and inquiries from LinkedIn at the current time. My friends are also getting lots of opportunities. Then so I dare say that LinkedIn is the growing job market place in Myanmar. Many businesses – not […]

Stop collecting certificates and degrees, and start working

My friends are asking me a place where they can get certificates and degrees about Business. What they want are diploma in Business, MBA, etc. I asked them why they went. Then they answered me ‘We will get the good job if we have certificates and degrees’. How do you think? Are you also trying to collect certificates and degrees? It can be useful to a condition, but it’s not useful enough for you to get high pad job. In foreign country, after finishing college with diploma or degree, young people get the job by suitable paid. Then if continued […]

Do it yourself. Don’t wait for anyone else to develop the country

Many people in the world like hero. We, in Myanmar also, can see such kind of people who like hero. Yes. I also like hero. But I feel that everyone is special – not only hero but also us. We lived in life with scare, waited for someone else who lead and change the country. Then I think that there are still also many people in the country who are waiting someone to lead and change the country. When talking about politics with friends, they said they don’t care. When talking about they future, they don’t care. What they said […]

Give Myanmar cheap products, but be in good quality!

Today I would like to share you what’s happening in Myanmar. In Myanmar there are two classes of people; those who are rich and those who are poor. The rich people consume products which are good in quality but they are expensive. Poor people consume cheap products but they are very bad in quality. For example, we can talk about foods. People in Myanmar are not educated enough how to make hygienic foods. As they are cheap, we consume daily. There we can also buy clean and hygienic foods, but the problem is that they are expensive. It cost 700 […]

Internet access is needed for IT industry development

You may also know that Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, is trying to found a system which every people in the world can use free internet. Zukerberg believe that internet is a solution for human being to solve the problem, to share experience and to help each other. At  the present, Mark is targeting to some African regions. He is leading in creating unmanned plane which produce internet signal. Hopefully people from all over the world can have fast and free internet access. In Myanmar, the internet cost is high. In addition, the internet speed is very, very slow. For […]

Self study is a good solution for poor Myanmar people

I have many friends, those who have only little money to spend on education, like me. I am not poor, but I don’t have enough money to invest on education. For them, I would like to advice to make a self-study. People cannot die by poverty. People die because their mind die. I also have many friends who don’t study as they don’t have money. For me Internet is the big network for me to learn. I learn programming, content writing, knowledge and information related to digital marketing. Sometime, I can even share my knowledge to my friends. I apply […]