What to prepare to work at global giant companies in Myanmar

I am hearing that global giant IT companies such as Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Apple, HP and others are entering Myanmar in not so far future. If so, Myanmar citizens will get opportunities to work at. But the problem is that many Myanmar people don’t know what to and how to prepare to work at global giant companies. I even didn’t know perfectly before I chatted with some foreigners who are working in USA and some European countries. I summarized for you what to prepare: – 1.    English Language skill It is the most important skill that everyone needs to fulfill […]

The comparison between international students and local students

There are many things which are different between global students and local students. Especially, Myanmar local student are always before global students in skill and job industry. That’s why people from developed countries are getting paid well by comparing with local graduates. Let me share about you some facts upon on it. High school In Myanmar, you also may know that young people at 15s pass matriculation exam and finished high school education. But in foreign countries from US and Europe countries, young people at 18s pass high school and get high school graduation certification. For 10 stand examination winners […]

‘A person can live on 2000 Kyats a day’ said by vice president of Myanmar

Myanmar vice-president U Nyan Tun on May 19 said in the forum of municipal development ‘a person can live on 2000 Kyats a day’. Now citizens are getting angry for his saying in the forum. It became a hot topic in social network.  2000 Kyat is nearly 2 Dollar in US currency. A young man from shouthen part of Myanmar who is working in Yangon shared his daily cost – ‘Well. I have the following cost daily – ·         Morning breakfast – 400 Kyats ·         Transportation cost – 500 Kyats ·         Launch – 700 Kyats ·         Dinner – 700 Kyats […]

Encourage Myanmar!

As I am working with foreign people who live in western part of the world, I usually have chance to talk with them in Skype sometime. He came to know that Myanmar have problem in human resources from discussion. Yes. We have many jobless people in the country. The problem is they are also not enough qualify to work with global people. Then every FDI companies in the country is facing the problem of getting qualified people for job. Then he told me to encourage Myanmar people to learn English language, and to fulfill in other qualifications. Yes. We need […]

Run in the rain give the lesson

Last Sunday, I got the rain near Shwedagon Pagoda after finished class. I brought no umbrella at that time too. I also started to feel dizzy and my body get pain. As you may have such experience that we get body muscle and nerve get pain due to weather condition in rainy season. I didn’t let the weather beat me. I removed all of my clothes except the short pant and put into my bag not to get wet. Then I started to run to swimming pool which is few kilometer far from Shwedagon. At that time, I remind myself […]

Don’t be a tiny wick in your business

Actually I write this article to remind myself also. As you may know that in every small candle, there is a tiny wick. When the wick burn out, there is not light anymore. Even though there we see the wax left, the light out. It give the same example to our life. I see that there are many startups in Myanmar which have great potential. But by passing time to time, they gave up starting up and stopped it. Some started with a group to make a business. But later they all were separated due to many reasons. Then the […]

Online sale market status in Myanmar

After Myanmar government opened the business door to west countries, many IT company are entering Myanmar and launching their business. Many include online business which they make a platform for those to buy and sell online. It seems like many e-commerce website are growing bigger than before in the past. Only one problem that people in the field facing is online payment system. Many developer and technology providers from local and global have tried to develop a system by which money can get transferred. The system like myanmpay, money, etc came out for the market. But as people are still […]

Expand your network for business

For entrepreneurs, it become a challenge to have many known people in the field. Some entrepreneurs are very good in developing creative idea and developing products. But they are lack in marketing and distribution. The reason is they don’t know many people in the market. Because they are weak in public communication and networking, they stuck in selling stage. As only few people know about him and his product, the business will not be successful. To have many friends and partners in the field become an important thing. Some said that it is not a problem. They said they can […]

Meet a Malaysia entrepreneur in Myanmar

Her name is Eilien, 30s, working as a marketing consultant in City Mart. On the other hand, he is leading a self-sustainablility project. The project is started by her Children of Tomorrow with the aim of achieving self-sustainabilty for the children’s education and life-skills development as well as their daily basic needs such as food and shelter. Her project aimed at taking the children out of the poverty cycle as well as the heavy dependency on donations. To do all these and those, she even tried herself to get resource. She was not born from rich family. But as she […]

It’s your mistake if you die poor!

As you may already know one of the most people know quotes of Bill Gate: ‘If you are born poor, it is not your mistake. But if you die poor, it is your mistake. It’s a universal truth. Many young people of today age are blaming to everyone for their current imperfect life. Actually, they should know that it is not the reason they are not getting success. It’s due to bad deeds we did in the past existences of life. Now it is not the time to blame for it. Actually  we did it all. We are not suffering […]