What is post reach and post engagement in Facebook?

If you are running Facebook pages, you will see post reach index showing on page home page. In the past, Facebook gave us the index of people talking about. But after Facebook changed them their policy, we can no more see people talking about index in new page design. Only post reach will matter.  So what is post reach? Facebook answered ‘post reach is the number of people who have seen your post. Your post counts as reaching someone when it’s shown in News Feed. Figures are for the first 28 days after a post was created and include people […]

Why you should not get worry of your future in career

It is right to think of your future career. I also have many friends who are preparing for 2015. They always tell me ‘we gotta get ready for 2105 year’. Yes. On that year, many business companies from around the world will enter Myanmar and will create many opportunities for Myanmar to grow up. So what I see is that they are spending too much time in their education. They work for week day and study in weekend is fine. But some attend classes in morning or early evening time of week days making  them to sacrifice their working hour […]

IT revolution in Myanmar starts from mobile phone

In USA and in other countries such as UK and Japan, desktop computers with intelligence are available first in the market. Like Apple and Microsoft produced the world first computers. Then internet came alive after 1960. Businessmen started dealing with customers via internet.  The first mobile phone was launched in 1970s. The first phone, which can use internet, appeared in 1999s. The culture of using internet by smartphone became popular after 2007. It means that the revolution of computer devices in rich countries flow from Desktop to laptop and laptop to mobile. But in Myanmar, the revolution is very different […]

Become a Google designer

Google are expanding their business and activities too much this days. Now the new thing what we can see is ‘Google Design’. Here is the link. www.google.com/design Google launched it for designers from all over the world. You can read their design guidelines, download assets and resources, meet Google team, and learn about job and training opportunities. They also support you to get many design application such as Google Web Designer. They also have this categories – Google Guidelines, Material Design Reel, Material Design, Doodle Archive, Join the Discussion, Design Minutes, Google Cast UX, Glass Design, Google Web Designer and […]

Check what people find the most in Google

First I thought that to see what keyword people are typing the most in Google search is not available for Myanmar country because accessing to Google Ads is banned. Actually we can see it. Here is the link –  www.google.com/trends Currently keywords about World Cup is trending in Google search. You can also check which keywords are trending in Myanmar. Queries I am seeing are myanmar news, myanmar song, myanmar mp3, myanmar movies, myanmar movie, myanmar video and burma. You can filter by categories. After researching what people are finding the most, you can apply it in your website for […]

Create a community for freelancers in Myanmar

I met with some foreign investors last months. They suggested me to found a website like www.guru.com and www.freelancer.com for Myanmar people. You are lucky to read this article because I am about to give you some of my idea how you to do it. Why we need it  In Myanmar, freelance job culture is not developing. Many employers are also conservative in the issue of jobs. They don’t think that some people can finish jobs without siting in the office. Myanmar people not only need freelance job but also part-time job. If local people, especially students, have freelance and […]

Four methods to do donation taught by Buddha

People always think that donation mean giving to others by giving money and material. Actually there are four method of donation, taught by Buddha. 1. Be a donor You can be a donor by donating anything you have to anyone else. There are two reason we have why we give: to help others and to cut our greedy mind or to improve our practice on culmination in one of the perfections, giving  . It means that donation doesn’t matter if it is big or small. It just matters how much your greedy mind loose from the body and how much […]

Are you not smart?

One of my friend always tell me ‘you are smart, but I am stupid. Even I eat too much, I cannot become like you.’ It is like he is insulting himself. He read lots of books which are showing the ways how to success. And he sometime as me how to get success seriously. I told him the following things. Before thinking of getting success, we must look ourselves first to become perfect. Even if we cannot be perfect, we can still prepare the best. In this condition, people who always insulting themselves will not be able to see the […]

How to learn IT course by self-study way

There are many school and college in Myanmar, teaching IT subjects. They give you certificates and diploma. But They are expensive for most people. For those who cannot afford to attend such kind of education centers, I want to give you step by step study path to learn IT by self-study way with no cost. Free courses – 1. Microsofot Windows Operating System Fundamentals2. CCENT (Cisco Certified Entry Technician)3. Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist4. Basic Programming (Web Fundamentals) Microsoft Windows Operation System Fundamentals (WOSF) is easy to learn. It doesn’t cost you too. You can buy book to learn and study […]