Use SimilarWeb to check websites ranking

There are many website to use to check website ranking. Among them, is very easy and simple to use. We can not only check our own website but also others. In the list of top ranking websites in Myanmar, it is showing Facebook on the  top. Second is and Myanmar domain of Google, follow in third. For all normal users, Similarweb show you top 50 list of any searching. We can even check which Google advertising keywords websites bought for search engine marketing. But the data is not updated too fast. For website those being built within […]

Pain feeling can become energy for your success

Helen Keller is the first deaf-blind person to earn a bachelor of arts degree. She got the pain feeling for her disability. There are many other examples too such as Hitler’s life, Eminem and so on. They got hurt feeling that people talk about them bad and some even cheat on them. Then they all converted heir pain feeling into energy which they used in  their trying for success. Finally they got what they want. You know why? They never give back. They don’t care what people are saying about them bad. Actually they care, but they didn’t let people […]

Move out of comfort zone

When talking about comfort zone, some of my friends still don’t know that the comfort zone is. Yes. They are living in it. Until we don’t move out of comfort zone, we will never see any better opportunities. My friends said they like their job at company because of the reason such as freedom, low load of responsibility, no stress, fair salary and so on. But they don’t see that the company is not giving them opportunities. The companies don’t raise their rank nor salary too much. But all they are fine as well. Some want to move, but due […]

How to improve organic traffic of your Facebook page

My many friends and clients asked me too much about it. They used Facebook Advertising to promote their page and boost each post. But after they stopped using it. People talking about the page and people reaching on each post went down. They asked me why it happened. If you are facing such kind of problem, my explanation will be useful for your understanding. Facebook can actually bring users/ customers to your Facebook page. Facebook cannot hold them to stay on page for long and to visit again. To get people staying long time on page and to visit again […]

Why you should use Google+ for business

Since Google+ was launched, user increment was not too excited for Google. Beside Facebook, other social media such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest went higher than Google+ in user favorite. But there some tricks people don’t know about Google+. there some facts why we should use it. Google+ is top ranking site Google is a search engine service provider. It is not strange that they raise their social media site to become top ranking website. Even if you write a keyword such as ‘Myanmar’ in search box, a Google+ article tagged ‘Myanmar’ word will be shown in the result […]

While you are falling in love, your friends are getting success

I have many  friends who are falling deeply in love. They take too much time for their lover. They spend almost 2 hours a day for it. Some said their lover is influencing their mind. Still they cannot work through due to influencing of love feeling. Some even stopped working due to hurt feelings from broken relationship. I am seeing that many young people in Myanmar are wasting their time in crazy love seriously. Love is a feeling that can tender human being. Some even get motivated from love. I agree for some fact too, but love feeling actually can […]

Britain employment minister’s saying about jobless people

In early 2014, Britain faced jobless rate increasing condition. At the time, The minister of employment of Britain, Esther McVey  answered in the interview with about his opinion on jobless people. She said young people actually  didn’t prepare for the world of work than foreign migrants and needs lot of basic skill. They got inspired from very successful people around the world. But they don’t think that they should start from very basic in any kind of job. They always want to get higher rank and higher salary jobs. It was the main problem for British young people. She […]

How to become intelligent

My friends were asking me the way how to become intelligent seriously. I didn’t know either in the past. But after I know it, I would like to share that it is not a difficult thing. You don’t need to use drug, to take medicine and there is nothing and no one to make you intelligent. Let’s learn from some facts. Archimedes discovered a displacement equation called ‘Archimedes’ principle’ while taking bath in tub. Newton discovered the gravity law after seeing the apple dropped from the tree in front of him. Albert Einstein grew up by discovering. There are also […]

Edge of Tomorrow showed talent people

I watched Edge of Tomorrow film last Friday night. It is a nice science fiction film. But It is not too much outstanding in my point of view. It’s because most of that kind of film such as Battle: Los Angeles, Independence Day, Pacific Rim, etc, cannot still get out of the fact that people win the fight by hit the key source of the enemy. After Tom Cruise destroyed Omega which is life sources of Mimics invading the earth, all Mimics were dead. Then the movie ended. One different thing is that Tom Cruise can reset time so he […]

Why there are only few entrepreneurs in Myanmar

You can also see that many entrepreneurs are failing in Myanmar. Some failed because of their bad performance. But some failed due to the market situation. Today in Myanmar, we can only see few entrepreneurs. Some of the reasons are following.Having only few investors Yes. We don’t have too much investors for entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs themselves are also not rich enough to start business themselves. Now there we can see some investors from other countries are coming in. Hoping we can have more. Without financial support there would be nothing. But some entrepreneurs themselves cannot prove to investors technically and logically […]