Learn about Microsoft education – good for you!

I was wandering around the website, Microsoft education, www.microsoft.com/education, which is very interesting. I believe it must have something for you. It will be a big resources about technology and education, mostly concerned Microsoft products such as Windows devices and software. They have online training. They have online seminars and educational videos. They at least can teach you how to use windows OS in basic. Then they will also teach other higher level technology stuffs. There is also an education network, where you can find partner for learning. They help not only students but also educators. If you are an […]

Get help from Google to change Myanmar by IT education

Google for education is open world education and learning portal created by Google. Last year, Google was instrumental in providing access, resources, financial assistance and innovative products to more than 15 million students and teachers in more than 140 communities worldwide. They said they are changing the world by technology and education. Now a newly program they are providing is Google RISE Awards. The good news is that Myanmar is also eligible. Google RISE Awards are grants for organizations across the globe that: promote Computer Science (CS) education, run initiatives that reach girls, underrepresented minorities, and students facing socio-economic barriers […]

DEMO ASEAN 2014 invite Myanmar entrepreneurs

I got email from DEMO ASEA 2014. You may also get it. They are inviting Myanmar entrepreneurs and startups to participate in the event. On October 31st  2014, 2nd annual DEMO ASEAN Conference will be held at Sherwood Hotel in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. They are inviting entrepreneurs and companies to participate in the Launch Program of our Conference. An IDG Production, DEMO is the Launchpad for emerging technologies and trends worldwide for over 24 years. Since last year, IDG ASEAN has partnered with the U.S. Department of State to organize the DEMO ASEAN in Vietnam. The event has […]

How to motivate yourself

It is usual that youths get depression, lose inspiration and not too much active sometime. It happened because of many reason such as being very tired, being lonely, being compared with others and so on. In that condition, we need to motivate ourselves. The followings are the best way to do. 1. Get inspiration from seniors Ask your seniors in your university or your job about their good and bad experience. Sometime you lost inspiration and motivation when you don’t know anymore what to do and what will happen in the future. You will become worrying. In the condition, your […]

Project Hub – the first start-up incubator in Myanmar

Do you know Project Hub Yangon? They are startup incubator having branches around the world. Project Hub Yangon is Myanmar’s first start-up incubator. They said their programs are designed to help Myanmar people with great ideas to launch their businesses or projects quickly, cheaply, and successfully by providing facilities, workshops, mentorship, coaching and access to finance. Their incubation programs are provided to Burmese entrepreneurs free of charge. For it they get sponsors, Partnership for Change. Their co-working space offers an affordable, flexible and great place to work in the heart of Yangon. Their website (www.projecthubyangon.com) will explain our space, our […]

500 Startups – a good website for entrepreneurs

I found an awesome website for entrepreneurs and startups. It is 500 Startups (500.co). It is an investor group based in Silicon Valley, Mexico City and San Francisco. They are helping entrepreneurs and startups business around the world. In the current time, they are helping entrepreneurs around over 50 countries. They are updating information about event, startups, investors, mentors, their team and many other valuable sources for entrepreneurs. It will also become a useful resource for Myanmar.  They match between investors and entrepreneurs. They also give training problem and many other event to train entrepreneurs and startup businesses. I don’t […]

Will Ice Bucket Challenge work in Myanmar?

  In Europe and US, it is summer time. So the challenge named ‘Ice Bucket’ went viral within few days. So will it work in Myanmar. I would say yes, but not this time. As it is raining season in Myanmar, pouring ice water on head would not be a good time. But Myanmar people can think of another idea. Do you know Ice Bucked Challenge? Ice Bucket Challenge is an activity involving dumping a bucket of ice water on one’s head or donating to the ALS Association in the United States. It went viral throughout social media during the […]

Myanmar still need education foundation

It is also a big issue when talking about education in Myanmar as people were very used to living in life with poor education. Until 2012, people had to rely on education system supported by government. Only those who are rich could get international standard education. Today there many private education centers emerged and it welcomed both rich and poor student who are under 16. For those who want to get higher education, it is still difficult in Myanmar to access to international standard education platforms. For example, if having small money, universities and colleges opened by government are ultimate […]

Is Xiaomi copying Apple for smartphone UI?

This day, the most people talking about in mobile field is about Xiaomi’s new UI. Xiaomi showed their new UI, MIUI 5. As the theme design is very closed to iOS7 & 8, people are saying that Xiaomi copied and redesigned UI of iOS. It became a urgument discussion on internet. Some say no, but some say yes. Even many tech media is saying that it is enough with the drama story with Xiaomi.  So what is your opinion? I also before appreciate Xiaomi for their innovation. They created the high end smartphone with cheap price, which only cost between […]

Telenor is seeking Myanmar entrepreneurs to attend Telenor Youth Summit in Norway

Telenor, a telecommunication service provider which is already in Myanmar, is seeking Myanmar entrepreneurs to attend The Telenor Youth Summit in Norway. The summit will be held in Noble Peace Center, Oslo in December. It is annual event and Myanmar will start participating, started from this year. The Telenor Youth Summit is a dynamic arena for voicing your ideas and be inspired and challenged by young people from 14 different countries. The summit provides an opportunity for you to engage with peers, thought leaders and experts at Telenor’s headquarters in Norway. The week is filled with workshops, lectures, exhibitions and […]