Teaching is the best learning method

As title said, teaching is the best learning method. There is no doubt for it if you had experience of teaching. Before we teach someone else, we need to learn first deep. Therefore, we mastered the field and being able to make them understand. Teaching is not only about teaching people in the class. You can also write article and publish in your blog. As you can see me, I am not such a perfect entrepreneurs. I even didn’t know the meaning of the entrepreneur in the past. But as I want to make people know about it, I read […]

Get free online training course on entrepreneurship at HP

www.life-global.org Last year, I attended online training course at HP Life, teaching about entrepreneurship. There may be many developments at the course. You should try it. They will give you certificate for passing the course. It will only take you three or four hours to finish course. There is the exam section. You can easily pass it if you learn through well. HP’s life project, online global programs, aim for people all over the world to start doing business on social entrepreneurship. Mostly it aims for people living in poor countries. You will get many knowledge and idea to start […]

Difference between working at start-up and enterprise companies

I have worked in a start-up and enterprise companies. Both are foreign based companies, expanding market in Myanmar. As far as I worked, I found the different advantages and disadvantages. In start-up companies Advantages 1.       You are responsible not only for what your contract is saying, but also other things. I mean you will have to do everything that you can do. You will sometimes be a cleaner if there is no cleaner in the office. Sometimes you will also become a customer service manager even though you are a developer. Startups usually don’t have enough crew to take care […]

Message to young people in Myanmar on IYD

Today is International youth day. There are some events in Myanmar for it. International Youth Day (IYD) is an awareness day designated by the United Nations. The purpose of the day is to draw attention to a given set of cultural and legal issues surrounding youth. The first IYD was observed on 12 August, 2000. As I am 23 years old youth, I would like to give you the following messages. 1) Try to take responsibility, not a place or title It is what Daw Aung San Su Kyi said to young people in Myanmar. I agree with it. As […]

US Secretary said Myanmar leaders to stay on path to democracy

In nytimes.com, the news said that US Secretary, John Kerry, said Myanmar leaders to stays on path to democracy. It seems like Kerry felt disappoint for two problems in Myanmar, losing freedom of speech of journalist and Rakhine-Rohingya clash. Rahkine-Rohingya clash already went though Myanmar by the title ‘Myanmar-Muslim clash’. After getting democracy, the country went to the worse condition with many problems ad riots. People already lost their belief on U Thein Sein, Myanmar president due to un changed people living standing and economy. People in Myanmar still don’t think that they are getting real democracy. That’s why Kerry […]

Meet a Myanmar entrepreneur – Kyaw Lin Oo

Kyaw Lin Oo is a Myanmar entrepreneur, running own business in Singapore. In July, we met once in Yangon. But the interview is done via online. You many found many things to learn from his answers. Before reading about his interview, you should first learn about www.eventnook.com. Even I thought the website is built by a foreign company. Actually it is the product of a pure Myanmar. I am very proud of it. The website is serving for many global companies. Now enjoy reading interview! 1.    Your profile (born, education, job) I grew up in Myanmar. I graduated with Electronics […]

Myanmar language problem on internet

My friends said it is not good to urge about the clash between Zawgyi font and Myanmar Unicode online. But to change what people are seeing wrong to right, I did have to make the researching on the facts. It became a very big issue. As you can see that Firefox stopped supporting Zawgyi and Google started converting Zawgyi to Myanmar Unicode in their platforms, now it is the time we to think of changing our behavior. So what would you like to do? Even myself now writing on Zawgyi keyboard and fonts as well. But for the future, we […]

Low cost products are solution for poor countries

For poor countries and developing countries, low-cost products are still the best solution for people. Even in rich countries, people are still asking for low-cost product such as chrome book, Firefox smartphones, Moto-G cheap phones, Kindle and Nook e readers and so on. The followings are good examples. ·         The ‘Jaipur Foot’ is a prosthetic foot made from rubber intended for below-the-knee amputees. It costs about $30, a fraction of the $10,000 cost of a Western prosthesis. ·         The Aravind Eye Care system is the world’s largest provider of cataract surgery. It charges about 2 percent of what a cataract […]

Lesson from Mad Max movies

Do you know the movie ‘Mad Max’? and have you ever watched it? I watched it early this month in my home. It is  a 1979 Australian dystopian action film, starring Mel Gibson. According to wikipedia, It became a top-grossing Australian film, holding the Guinness record for most profitable film for decades and has been credited for further opening up the global market to Australian New Wave films. However as the age changed, it is boring for me to watch a 1970s film. But I could recognize that it would get success in the past. It did too. Then later […]

Why you need to optimize your website for search engine

 learned about SEO from a global online company in early this year. Still I am learning deeper. As far as I went, I became seeing that SEO for website is very needed today. Do you know the meaning of SEO? It is Search Engine Optimization. Why you need it? When searching in search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and many others for any topic, the results came out according to SEO level of the website. If the website is being built perfect in technical issue and content issues, the website will go to the top of the first page […]