Choose the right platform before starting business

Now the problem I am facing is about migrating from blogspot platform to WordPress platform. I strongly want to move on to Word Press because I can do many things on it for the website. But as my knowledge were very small and only know little things,  I rolled out my blog on Blogger platform of Google. When preparing for future growth, it became a problem. The lesson I got here is that we must learn very well before starting any kind of business. The behavior of many Myanmar is doing what they can do by their current knowledge. I […]

Create the future that you want in Myanmar

The Buddha said ‘you become what you think’. If you are thinking bad about your life, your life will always be bad. This is the time to change your mind if it is going to wrong. As you and we are seeing that the development of the country is not going fast. It is slow honestly. Such kind of condition make people in Myanmar depress and not to move anymore ahead in their business sometimes.  It is the big challenge, and it is the opportunity. No business came from the easy life condition. The most difficult condition will give you […]

iOS app for Myanmar Entrepreneur is on the way to readers!

We are creating iOS mobile application for, which is not in the picture shown. You can check here – But we are modifying it to become better. Those who help Myanmar Entrepreneur gets the iOS app is Myanmar iOS Authority. For Android application, I will try later. This time we do iOS app because we made an Android app for one of my another blog ( To make apps for all platform would cost more. So we do step by step. I also know that only few of you are using Apple product. For those, I would suggest […]

How to monetize digital content in Myanmar

It is not too long I came to know the meaning of Monetizing into Myanmar. It is generating revenue or money. So let’s talk about monetizing digital content in Myanmar. Are you a website owner or a blogger? How do you monetize from your product? Here, in Myanmar, the strategy we are doing is Display advertising. Let’s talk by sub categories.Putting all content on a platform and give the room for advertisers It is what we are doing the most in Myanmar. We build a platform like website, blog, mobile app, etc. Then we publish all content on it and […]

Make a blog for your business

Creating a blog is the second step of expanding your business online. Do you know why I tell you this? It is preparing for future growth population of Myanmar internet user. Do you have a website? If you don’t, first create a website for company. Then create a blog which is integrated to the website. Search engine algorithm is giving higher ranks to the websites which are full of relevant information for readers. Depending on your type of company, the information you are going to upload would be limited. It is the problem. Search engine will not give you higher […]

Meet a Myanmar Search Engine maker – Ye Wint Ko

Ye Wint Ko,24, is a Myanmar young entrepreneur, leading the startup, Bindez. They are making search engine for Myanmar people. Their search engine will be able to use in Myanmar language. He is very young. His story is inspiring. He dropped the medical student life and became a geek. Enjoy the interview! Tell us about your education life. I dropped out of Medical University Mandalay in 2007. Graduated in Bachelor of Business Information Technology awarded by University of Greenwich and local institute MCC as a part-time course based in Yangon. During the study, we were trained by successful business and […]

Lessons from for startups in Myanmar

Alibaba is one of the biggest online business companies in the world. Their sale is more than competitors, eBay and combined. On 19 September, its market value was measures as US$ 231 billion after selling their IPO in United States. They do internet-based e-commerce business, including business to business online web portals, online retail and payment services, a shopping search engine and data-centric cloud computing services. The founder is Jack Ma, a Chinese entrepreneur who studied English major in a university in China. He said that “the day we got connected to the Web, I invited friends and TV […]

Become a Myanmar’s star at Channel News Asia’s Start-UP Show

Lithan University College is launching the startup bootcamp training program in Myanmar. IT is an intensive two-day program, designed for greatest impact in least time. By signing up, you will get access to our library of exclusive e-content covering the fundamentals of startup viability (Lean Canvas, Go to Market Strategy, and Business Viability). By the end of the Bootcamp, you will be equipped with the know-how to deliver a professional investor-ready pitch presentation. The judging panel, from Singapore, will be on hand personally to select the finalist from the cohort. The winner coming from the bootcamp will not only be […]

The biggest source for social media learners

I am also late to know the website There you can read and learn everything about social media. There you will see many contributors who are globally recognized as social media guru in the world. They share what they know they do, They also yearly publish free report on social media, which is very useful for those who do business upon social media. You shouldn’t miss it. On early October, Social Media Examiner is launching their annual event, Social Media Summit. Social Media Success Summit 2014 is a live online conference that will empower you to use social media […]

WE Journalism Awards 2015 is waiting Myanmar’s submission!

The organization Plan W is welcoming Myanmar women to participate in the competition for Women’s Empowerment Journalism Awards 2015. Submissions and nominations for the WE Journalism Awards 2015 are now open. Plan W launched its Women’s Empowerment (WE) Journalism Awards 2015 to inspire, nurture and advance quality reporting on women’s empowerment issues to educate and empower communities across the world.  The Awards celebrate reporting on women’s issues across different media platforms and are open to outstanding journalists in Australia, Cambodia, China (including Hong Kong), India, Indonesia, Japan, Laos, Lebanon, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, the Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, […]