Translation competition in Myanmar for Khan Academy

You may know Khan Academy. Khan Academy is the world biggest online video learning platform in the world. You can learn any subject you want. It has been more than 1 year that Khan Academy Burmese Translation organization started in Myanmar. They are translating many videos as much as they can. Not only them, they are also invite you all to participate. You can learn about them at Sometimes, to change the country or to develop the country, you don’t need to create a product. You just need to help to those who are already doing it. For example, […]

Take free online courses at Coursera

www.coursera.orgCoursera empowers people to improve their lives, the lives of their families, and the communities they live in with education. You can get free online courses. There are many subjects to learn. Imagine a subject and find there. You will see it. From marketing to leadership, they have variety of subject. Eve you can learn about digital marketing. To sign up and learn, it is free. But when you want certificates which is given by college and university, you have to pay for it. But it is cheap. Coursera partner with some University and College. Probably you will be able […]

The Asia Foundation Development is calling for talented Asian youths for leadership training program

The non-profit organization, the Asia Foundation is giving talented youths opportunities to get leadership skills and lots of other things which will be good for them and their countries. The applicatoin dead line is November 12 of 2014. The selected youths will get chance to travel and get training at Singapore, Nepal and USA. The program is the Asia Foundation Development Fellows 2015. It is not only for young people. The application is also open for under 40s people. Yes. We can also say they are youths. The Asia Foundation Development Fellows program provides highly qualified, young professionals from Asia […]

How to get money from investors

Yesterday I attended MobileMonday Yangon event. There I got chance to hear from an old man, who is investor of Blink Marketing Agency in Myanmar, how to get money from investor. What he said is every simple. Let me share you back. Don’t write your business plan too long. He said investors don’t want to read very long paper. Startups and entrepreneurs don’t need to write very long about their business plan. Investor only want to check short-to-the-point facts first. After only they like it, they think of investing. Business angels and most investors are going to take risk. If […]

The first online marketing training and workshop in Myanmar

I successfully made online marketing training and workshop, together with the Hub Media Myanmar. More than 35 people attended. Half are director of their own business such as travel and tour and mobile game development. Some are working in great companies in Myanmar. Most came from marketing and business development background. Most of the things I shared were beyond their knowledge. So my sharing was great for them. Even though we said the workshop would only take from 1 to 5 pm. We made it to 6 pm. The sharing couldn’t fully cover the course I prepared for it. In […]

Developers Conference Yangon in November

The first Myanmar Developers Conference was held in Yangon in 2010. After passing years, the conference got more participants. It is one of the best initiative in Myanmar technology industry. The event is organized by Ko Ravi and some other geeks who are recognized as the first Myanmar geeks. They are also group of entrepreneurs who started Barcamp Yangon. This year 2014 is the 4th Anniversary of Developers Conference held in Yangon. In order to welcome, honor and celebrate the 4th Anniversary of DevCon, 4 words were employed as this year Theme which encompassed the enthusiasm, emotion, eternity and excitement […]

Google AdWords is now open in Myanmar

It must be the good news that Google now open AdWords in Myanmar. It means that you can sign in for AdWords account and start running Google online marketing campaign. Wait. You must have the problem with billing. I don’t see Myanmar in account setting-up page. I suggest you to just create by your secondary Google account. Because I am not sure if you get second change to change your location. However I believe that there may be any solutions emerged for Myanmar market within a year. So you will be able to pay for using AdWords. It is really […]

Online Marketing workshop in Myanmar

In Myanmar, Internet user population is going to reach over 50 percent in next three years. Right now it is about 10 percent. Is your business online now? Or are you going to build your career as a professional online marketer? Learn from me. I am going to share you. The event is fully sponsored by the Hub Media Myanmar. The course will feature on – Building a website for business o Social Media– Facebook– Google+LinkedIno Search Engine on-page optimizationo Search Engine off-page marketingo Email marketingo Search Engine Advertising/ Display Marketingo Blogging Introduction for Mobile Marketing will also be presented. […]

Read A Mighty Girl for inspiration and motivation

I would like to share you a source where you can read articles and stories about mighty girls. A Mighty Girl is the world’s largest collection of books, toys, and movies for parents, teachers, and others dedicated to raising smart, confident, and courageous girls. I love their idea of making the website. Not only books but also you can get toys and clothing. The site’s target audience is for every age of girls and man who are inspiring and working in empowerment programmes for women. The site founders said – ‘After years of seeking out empowering and inspirational books for […]

Attend Digital Marketing Course on Google for free! Google is offering several subjects to learn on their platform, not only for programmers and designers, but also they provide for marketers. Digital Marketing Course offered by Google is for Google product users. Google said – “As the digital marketing landscape continues to grow at a rapid pace, marketers are faced with new challenges and opportunities within this digital age.The Digital Marketing Course is an initiative designed to educate students in the area of Digital Marketing. Students that plan to undertake the Google Online Marketing Challenge are encouraged to complete the Digital Marketing Course, as the skills learned in […]