An email can change someone’s life

Today I attended the Connect Women Conference 2014, Oct 17. In the panel discussion about women entrepreneurship, Ms, Grace Swe Zin Htaik participated. She is a Myanmar Academy Award-winning actress, acting in over 200 movies throughout her film career, debuting in 1971. She retired from filming in 1991. She currently works with Population Services International, an international NGO in Burma. She attended the Rangoon Institute of Economics, graduating in 1977 with a bachelor’s degree in commerce. After retirement she started learning how to use computer, then how to use emails. After years, she got an email from a NGO, based […]

Should we allow people copy your contents online?

Copying content and sharing through websites and social media platform is always happening in Myanmar. I also faced such problem since I started writing online. But after working on this career, my vision on this changed. Now I allow anyone else copy my content, but with terms and condition. You know why? Let me tell you the challenges we are having in Myanmar. No rules for intellectual property I won’t say there is no rule for intellectual property. There we have, but not too much effective. For example, government is not helping deep for own creators in Myanmar, especially online. […]

Online communication tools for startups

Getting an office space is very difficult for a normal startup in Myanmar, which don’t have enough money to spend for it. A small room for 10 employees would cost you at least 3 Lakh per month if it is in downtown. So what you gonna do? If you are still giving the reason of having no rooms for you don’t start a business, you will never build a startup. The solution is to use online communication tools. Email is what everyone is using. Emailing also can help us work done a lot. People don’t usually use phone for long […]

Internet Penetration and future online business in Myanmar

It is always difficult to give exact information about Myanmar Internet Penetration. Some said it is 7 percent of total population in Myanmar. Some said it is only 2 percent. Whatever, it is sure that Myanmar have over 1 million of Facebook user. We could probably guess that Myanmar has over 1.8 millions of internet users. The fact showing in the link could be wrong. It is true that Myanmar only had about 530,000s internet users in 2010. After 2010, internet user increment rate became double. Whatever people are saying, internet penetration is still less than 7 percent of […]

Top ten Facebook pages in Myanmar

There are many Facebook pages in Myanmar today. Among them there are only few which can give you true and good information. Facebook pages are also becoming the main platform for companies to promote their brand. In Myanmar, there are over 1.8 million Facebook users today. The number is very low by comparing with other countries’ status. But the engagement is too high. For example, one of the page I am managing, YoYarLay, is getting over 2.4 million reach weekly. According to, here are top ten Facebook pages in Myanmar. 1)7Day News Journal  (News/Media) 2) Eleven Media Group […]

The future of the world economy is a knowledge economy said that the future of the world economy is a knowledge economy. It is definitely true. Knowledge business would be the best to do today and they said internet is the backbone. Wikipedia defined the knowledge economy as the use of knowledge to generate tangible and intangible values. Technology and in particular knowledge technology (Artificial Intelligence) help to transform a part of human knowledge to machines. This knowledge can be used by decision support systems in various fields and generate economic values. Knowledge economy is also possible without technology. Globalization and information technology are main driving forces for it. […]

Connected Women Conference in Myanmar

Ooredoo organized an conference for women in Myanmar, Connected Women Conference. the main purpose is to connect women in Myanmar from different part of the country and career. The conference will be taking place at Park Royal Hotel on Oct 17 of 2014. It is from 9 am to 5 pm. Both local and global women leaders are joining the event. In the event invitation letter, there is an inspiration article. “In Myanmar, about half of the total population are females so that from human capacity point of view, Myanmar women have very great impact on developing the country itself. […]

Tech in Asia Meetup in Myanmar!

If you are one of the readers who subscribes Tech in Asia, you wouldn’t want to miss Tech in Aisa Meetup event in Yangon, Myanmar. You will get to know tips on how to build a startup in a frontier market. Do Tuan Anh, founder and CEO of Appota, will tell about the challenges he and his team faced when first starting out in Vietnam, and how those same principles can apply to startups in Myanmar as well. Appota is mobile content distribution platform. It allows developers and game publishers to effectively distribute their content to the largest smartphone communities […]

Recommendation is the best marketing

I today listened the social media strategy presentation at Social Media Examiner’s social media summit. Most of the facts Mike Stelzner, the founder of social media examiner, told are we know already. But he could show us the real detail about the market. One think I like from his presentation is advertising’s impact. He showed that 84% of consumers trust recommendations from people they know. That’s true. You can see advertisement everywhere, which are overwhelming. From my opinion, I don’t like that. It is actually annoying for me if I am seeing these and those advertising everywhere and every time. […]

What is SEO?

This image comes from Search Engine Land is one of the sources where I learned about Search Engine Optimization. In case you need to know about SEO, the SEO table will help you to understand some point. But you may not know some terms and usages. You can ask me or wander around the website and Google. Let me explain you in very short way. Search engine optimization is optimizing website for search engine so that search engine such as Google show the optimized website in top results. Then people can easily find your website. People will also found […]