Google Translate support Myanmar language now!

Now you can translate from English to Myanmar, Myanmar to English and to and from many other languages by Google Translate. It is done by Google Translation for Burmese community. You can also become one of them.  Google Translate don’t still have too much data. They need more Myanmar volunteers. Google Translate is needing improvement. There are still many mistakes. Some Myanmar people are making jokes on the mistakes. It is not a perfect one yet. And I think it will never become a perfect one. But they can make it useful for foreigners who want to learn about Myanmar. […]

Culture and religious fact impact your brand – Be careful

Some of my foreigner asked me how important culture and religious is for Myanmar people? Some asked what to avoid when making a marketing and advertising contents. The image shown is what a bar made for their marketing campaign. Now those people who made are in jail. Even a foreigner, a New Zealand citizen is in jail now. I don’t know how many year they will have to live in prison. The pay back is big. There are may things that you have to be very careful when starting a business. Your marketing campaigns should be started after taking facts […]

Become a member in Geek Girls Myanmar and participate meet-up

To all female entrepreneurs in the group, let me share you an opportunity. There is group of girls from technology field in Myanmar. ideabox, a local startup incubator, founded a community named ‘Geek Girls Myanmar’. Geek Girls Myanmar now have more than 100 registered member. If you are also one of those working in technology industry and passionate for tech, you should join them. There is an upcoming event of them, meeting and giving workshop on communication. Stephen Kyaw, CEO from Blink Marketing Agency in Myanmar, will share his knowledge and idea in the event. Geek Girls is founded since […]

Digital Marketing Learners in Myanmar community founded

I founded a community on Facebook named Digital Marketing Learners. I have plan to make it bigger by adding more people who are from digital marketing field. I will try to make events and workshop monthly. Startups usually have big dream. To make the dream happen always start with a first step. My first step is creating a Facebook group. In Myanmar, to found a community about digital things, creating a Facebook group is the best way to start. Myanmar people are wasting too much time today on Facebook. Then so digital marketers also have to spend the time on […]

Sleep less won’t make you a smart entrepreneur

Smart people work hard and play hard. Entrepreneurs are also a kind of hard working people. Some people even get late at night. Getting late at day job is fine. But do you think it is a good habit working late at night? I’ve been working late since 2012. At those time, I was very skinny because I ate less and slept less. Eating less is consequence of sleeping less. Then the another consequence is you cannot work effectively. You won’t be able to generate creative idea. I drink energy drinks or medicine that could give us energy to stay […]

A tech hub, SuleTech, was born in Yangon

There are not too many tech hub in companies. Tech hub is where every geeks can come and work. We also call it co-working space. Deve-Lab Yangon is also an example of them. Now SuleTech become the another one where every people can come in and work. But you need to sign in to become a member. The good thing you would like will be the fast internet. Nokia Networks will be supporting for internet connection. You will also get laptop support from HP. There will also be some foods if you like to eat. As SuleTech is connected with […]

Meet up with readers by the most successful Facebook page in Myanmar

You may already know or not know that I am writer/ editor at YoYarLay. YoYarLay is one of the most successful online media in Myanmar. Especially, YoYarLay is being known on Facebook. It’s getting over 1 million Liks on Facebook now. Facebook like is 1 million. Total people reach on posts is over 3.9 millions this week. I am not lying. It’s true that we are having too much readers than Facebook likes. Still YoYarLay is top one community page in Myanmar. But YoYarLay is not community. It is news and media. As we got wrong in page setting, YoYarLay […]

Market Research about Myanmar is needed

One of my colleges from pas job suggested me to make a market research about Myanmar. He is working in Germany in online marketing field. Even people online need a market research to market a product online. Do you what foreign business demands from local market? Foreign business usually demand local data. That’s why my friend suggested me to make research on local market. The research should focus on the followings. 1) Which business is trending in Myanmar?2) How may people use internet?3) Which products from which brands are widely used in Myanmar?4) Myanmar people culture5) Which mobile applications are […]

Meet up with a great French entrepreneur

Gaetan is a French and Swiss entrepreneur. Building on successes in the content creation and management sphere in Singapore he is looking to meet with some of Myanmar’s most influential and promising individuals. Adamant to help equip Myanmar with the best platform to showcase its talents and give them a monetization tool, he is seeking to meet with audio-visual artists, journalists, content start-uppers. Backed by investors from Asia and US he is looking for collaborators and partners that are experts in their fields or highly motivated all-rounders. Gaetan holds a BA of Law from the University of Paris and a […]