Barcamp Yangon is tomorrow!

Barcamp Yangon is happening tomorrow. They invite you to attend opening ceremony at 8:30 am. It will take place at Conference Hall, MICT Park. Lots of great companies in Myanmar sponsor Barcamp Yangon every year. This year, we can see KBZ bank, Telenor, etc. sponsoring the event. There are only 10 rooms for this year event. One section can take 45 minute to share knowledge. What you cannot do is advertising your company or product for your profit. It is non-profit event and you can only share your idea and knowledge. You cannot sell your products either. it starts from […]

Making a change matters

Yesterday, I attended the MobileMonday event and listened the topic, skills needed to run business in Mobile Money industry. CEO of Frontier Technology partners shared his working process and skills they had. Audience asked lots of question and he also answered. But I had no time to ask him one question, which is how we gonna change people’s behaviour? In Myanmar, tech business and tech products are very new to people. It’s not all about creating products. If it is a consumer product, you better need to focus on thinking what people want. For example, let’s talk about Mobile Money. […]

Phandeeyar Tech Workshops for CSOs

Phandeeyar is a new ICT Hub in Myanmar to foster local tech community, CSOs and independent media. They are having lots of training to train people from all parties. Their mission is to make them unit together in develop product and solution for people in Myanmar together. They are having lots of event and you can check more at On early Feb, they are having training and workshop for CSOs. Phandeeyar invites any interested local Myanmar CSOs to participate in upcoming tech for social impact workshops as detailed below. Workshop Dates: February 7-8, February 17-18March 7-8, March 17-18Time: 9:30 […]

Make Google Cardboard in Myanmar

Have you ever play with Google Cardboard? It is a fold-out cardboard smartphone mount that, when combined with lenses, a magnet, a piece of hook-and-loop fastener and a rubber band and held against the face, affords a virtual reality experience. You can play it. It’s a kind of DIY product. You can do it yourself. There was the introduction of Google Cardboard in Myanmar, last week at Phandeeyar. You have to download apps to watch 3D virtual environment. Google also offers SDKs for developers to develop suitable applications for it. It is an innovation. And it is cheap. Every materials […]

Barcamp Yangon 2015 is soon!

Have you ever been to Barcamp Yangon? It is the biggest barcamp in the world. BarCamp is an international network of user-generated conferences primarily focused around technology and the web. They are open, participatory workshop-events, the content of which is provided by participants. I have been participating in Barcamp Yangon since 2010. But I started talking on stage from 2011. This year, I will also be talking on social media, digital marketing and many other topics. I will be there for two days. It is happening on 31, Jan and 1, Feb, 2015. You can still register at It […]

Yale University, US, is calling Myanmar high school student for summer program

If you have high school siblings and friends, please pass this information on. Yale Young Global Scholars Program announced a new scholarship for students from Myanmar to attend American high school summer program. This scholarship will cover tuition, airfare and travel expenses to the program at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut in summer 2015. The program is open to students who have one or two years of secondary school remaining, and offers three different two-week sessions. The Yale Young Global Scholars Program is a rigorous academic experience, featuring lectures from renowned Yale faculty. Admission to YYGS is competitive. Applications […]

Empowering rural population and women with tech

There is an exclusive event for women who are working in tech field in Myanmar. It is hosted by Geek Girls Myanmar. They have been doing lots of events and workshop for geek girls and this is an another event you might interest. Pwint Phyu Htun is a consultant at World Bank and worked in lots of giant companies such as HP, GSMA, etc. She worked in Silicon Valley and is having lots of knowledge and experience. You may have to learn from her.  Being a consultant with the CGAP/World Bank, Myanmar-American telecommunications executive, Pwint Phyu Htun is also advising […]

Learn about Mobile education and skills need to enter Mobile industry at MobileMonday Yangon event January

MobileMonday Yangon is having another event in next week Monday with the topic ‘Education through Mobile and skills for Mobile Industry’. It is quiet interesting. They invited Ko Thet Naing Swe, CEO of Joy Dash gaming app company. Joy Dash is Ooredoo incubated startup in Myanmar. Thet Naing Swe is a game app developer, entrepreneur and is one of the pioneer in Myanmar game app industry. When game tech in Myanmar changed to mobile, he and other companies such as Total Game Play Studio entered mobile gaming market. Before it, they were in desktop game market.In Game market, to create […]

Myanmar entrepreneurs ran in Yoma Yangon Marathon

Yoma Yangon International Marathon took place on 11, January. Many Myanmar entrepreneurs ran in half marathon (21km). It was a fun. It was also the very first time for me ran in a Marathon. However, I took about 2:30 hours to cross the finish line. And the team was cool. From that experience, I determined to run every years and even will try to get first prize. You will said it is a funny determination. But such determination can drive us to get somewhere higher. Whatever you are doing, you should also have a sport activity daily or weekly. I […]

What you need to start a business

One of my friends, today, asked me whether money or experience is needed to start a business. Because he is a marine engineer, spending whole time in sea life with no passion, he want to found a business on land. Then so he asked if he could left the sea man job and start working on land. If so, the other problem is he doesn’t have enough money to start. He is working on ship to save the money. And then he will use that money for own business. That’s his idea. Now he started confusing as he is not […]