If you choose easy money life by losing your passion

One of my best friends visited me today and discussed about business. He has a mini store, operated by his whole family. He was persuading me to make a business together. It is real estate buying and selling business. I even don’t see it is a business. It is just buying and selling things. In Myanmar, especially in Yangon, living cost is higher than other daily cost. Only 40 percent of people in Yangon are living in their own house and the rest are migrant workers. Here migrant workers are those who don’t own house or apartment, but living and […]

Digital Marketing? Just start Facebook marketing

Digital Marketing business in Myanmar are growing. But only few people know what is called digital marketing. It is because the market is very young. Instead of digital marketing, you better said Facebook marketing because it is the time business companies are focusing on Facebook to promote their products. I have been learning how to use lots of tools and applications which are used for digital marketing. But those are not much useful for now. Only companies which have international experiences, relation or which are international companies will only think of it. But they still don’t think it is the […]

The reputation and recommendation, two important things to start business in Myanmar

In Myanmar, people usually do business with trust. It’s true and same with people in other countries. But Myanmar people rely more than other does on trust. To trust a business, what facts do you usually take? At first, they will check how much reputation you are having. Second, they will learn if people they know will recommend you. Actually, sometime reputation is not needed. If getting strong recommendation from people who have great reputation, business usually start working with them. If you want to start a business in Myanmar, you need to get help from people who can influence […]

Wikipedia, the world best online educator

Since early 2011, I started reading lots of articles in Wikipedia. I don’t usually go to Wikipedia directly. When I want to know something and some words, I use wiki. I was 18 years old to start working online. Only within 2 years, my career got too far. People even see me as a successful person. I don’t have pride for it. When a young man in Myanmar can find 100 USD per month, local people usually appreciate and admire. I was that one when I was in 20. To get the money in 2012, I was hard-working. Today I […]

An editor from The New York Times comes Yangon to share idea

Would you like to attend the even where an expert from a global leading news and media organization is coming to share his idea? There is a cool even for you. Someone from The New York Times is coming Yangon, Myanmar and sharing at SuleTech. The New York Times is a globally recognized news brand that has embraced digital media to keep up with the changing needs and habits of its readers. Tyson Evans leads this effort as the New York Times’ editor for newsroom strategy. At Phandeeyar, he’ll talk about what it’s like to work with developers and journalists […]

Focus on one thing when to start a business

Let’s say that you go a trip with one kilo load and another one go with five kilo load. Whom do you think will get to goal first. Making a business is endless. After carrying one kilo, you may have to carry more kilo in the future. What is your professional and where you are the best? To start a business you need to focus on only one thing. I am seeing lots of startups and entrepreneurs in Myanmar. Some are failing and some are winning. By learning to those failing, I came to see that their focus point is […]

The 25 hottest skills of 2014 in LinkedIn

LinkedIn, the world largest professional social network, reported the 25 hottest skills of 2014 that that got people hired. They are – 1) Statistical Anaylsis and Data Mining2) Middleware and Integration Software3) Storage Systems and Management4) Network and Information Security5) SEO/SEM Marketing6) Business Intelligence 7) Mobile Development8) Web Architecture and Development Framework9) Algorithm Design10) Perl/ython/Ruby11) Data Engineering and Data Warehousing12) Marketing Campaign Management13) Mac, Linux and Unix Systems14) User Interface Design15) Recruiting16) Digital and Online Marketing17) Computer Graphics and Animation18) Economics19) Java Development20) Channel Marketing21) SAP ERP Systems22) Integrated Circuit (IC) Design23) Shell Scripting Languages24) Game Development25) Virtualization Most of […]

Meet Myanmar techies from Silicon Valley in Phandeeyar, Myanmar

Two Myanmar techies from Silicon Valley is visiting Myanmar. Phandeeyar organized an event to make them talk to Myanmar tech startup and entrepreneurs. They will be sharing you their knowledge, experience and idea at Phandeeyar, SuleTech in Yangon downtown. Check full information at the eventnook. They are Htin Hlaing and Nyunt Than. Htin Hlaing is Vice President, Engineering at SugarSync, a Silicon Valley based cloud service provider enabling both enterprise and consumer customers sync and share contents seamlessly across devices. Htin heads the global Engineering organization spread in three  different locations. With well versed experience in both agile and traditional […]