Myanmar has science learners

There is a group called Myanmar Future Science which do science jobs such as building drones, making remote control car and they also open shops to sell science products. They do great jobs. They have been participating lots of science show locally and internationally. They don’t have much people in the group. I know Tho Hi, Kyi Thar and Thet San who are key people in the organization. They can make drone themselves and now they have projects to help local CSOs by their drones. Beside, to foster local science community, they sell science products by reasonable price. They now […]

First Translate-a-thon event by Google in Myanmar

Google today launched their new products, Google Translate and Myanmar Language feature in G-Mail. They said they have lots of plan to do for Myanmar. Especially they encouraged Myanmar people to create and publish as much Myanmar content as possible online. To make Google Translate have more exact result, we gonna have to input in Myanmar and English. Google have over 1B translated words and 90 different languages. Myanmar became the 90th language in Google. Some languages such as Chinese, Germany, Russia can be used for full features of Google Translate which are Conversation mode, Camera mode and hand writing […]

An online and mobile restaurant directory in Myanmar

In the information technology age, Myanmar don’t have much content and information which is written in Myanmar online. People are writing too much on Facebook which are not searchable and trustful. We usually encourage people to start tech startup which provide reliable information and resources for Myanmar. Since I have been writing about an English language learning website in Myanmar, this time let me introduce you about an online restaurant directory, MyLann. MyLann is not only an online directory, but also a mobile app which can have you data saved offline. For the current time, the startup focus on Yangon […]

An online English class for Myanmar – English Attack

Today at MobileMonday Yangon event, where tech people came to share their knowledge and experience, people from English Attack talked about their online learning website. English Attack, is an awesome website. As far as I Learn, they must be very first English language learning online startup. One outstanding thing of them is they are making it fun. They make you learn English language by movies, stories and games. They are running by freemium type of business. They will let you use free. Later you will have to pay if you want to use advance features, which may have you […]

Lithan University College Launches Professional Diploma in Technopreneurship in Yangon

Myanmar is en route to become a fresh breeding ground for a new wave of aspiring entrepreneurs as Lithan University College prepares to provide a Professional Diploma in Technopreneurship. Building on the success of the Startup Bootcamp arranged with the support of Channel News Asia in October 2014, the course is set to land during a period in which Myanmar’s demand for telecommunications services is growing rapidly, changing the way citizens communicate and businesses transact through the internet and mobile devices. “Students will be within a unique position to benefit from this growth whilst the country is booming with both […]

Internationally recognized free courses and exams for self learners

There are actually lots of resources you can learn and get degree. Unfortunately, most of them are not free. Here we are sharing you good sources to learn. Still some of them are not free courses and need fees for exam. Anyway, courses such as HP Life and Google are free to learn. HP Life Entrepreneurship course – Google Developer courses – Microsoft Virtual Academy – Google Marketing courses – Cisco Networking Academy – HootSuite University for social media learners LCCI International Qualification – You don’t need to take all of it. Just […]

Facebook officially support Panzagar in Myanmar

Panzagar is flower speech in Myanmar. Flower speech mean good speech that have good smell and good news. In Myanmar social media network, there is a problem which is hate speech.  Because of hate speeches, there were lots of problem occurred in Yangon and Mandalay. Those cities are where most Facebook users of Myanmar is existing. So that a NGO in Myanmar named MIDO, Myanmar ICT Development Organisation, started a campaign named Panzagar. Panzagar is a social media campaign, followed by hashtag #panzagar. It runs on Facebook mostly since one year ago.  Now the campaign is officially supported by Facebook. […]

Why Twitter is not popular in Myanmar

Since I have been working in social media market in Myanmar, I could only see very few people who are using Twitter. Only three of my 3 of my 10 friends are active on twitter. I see that big amount of percentage because I am working in tech industry where in people are handy with internet. So why is twitter not popular in Myanmar? First come first choice The answer is very simple because Myanmar people first got familiar with Facebook among many social media websites. I wouldn’t say it first. In Myanmar there were social medias such as Tagged. […]

What I learnt from Tech for Social Change workshop for CSOs in Myanmar

It is me standing in front of a bunch of people from NGO background and teaching them how to use Facebook for NGO work. As I am working at Phandeeyar, a ICT hub and community, fostering tech, CSOs and journalist community to grow better, one of my task is to train people from CSOs to do good works online. There I found a difference between local and global NGOs. Global NGOs can do things online but local NGOs cannot. Some people from them still don’t have emails. It was so then hard to train them about Facebook advocacy. I also […]

Use SurveyMonkey for your market research

You have many way to use SurveyMonkey, the world no.1 online survey website. It can help you a lot in your work such as market research, customer feedback information, education, non-profit, political, health care, human resources, etc. What many Myanmar startups are poor is at researching. Research work is very important for not only creating a product but also for to keep up and improve quality of the product. What I like about SurveyMonkey is they take care of everything about your survey. They give you perfect output in graph, chart, pie and in many format. You can choose. They […]