Kaymu Entrepreneurship: A drive towards Student Empowerment

Kaymu is a famous online marketplace for buyers and sellers to carry out their market activities with comfort, safety and compatibility. It is one common place where thousands of products from diverse range of product categories are being sold online to target customers at very compatible rates to the market. From electronics, to gadgets, clothing, fashion items and even car accessories; Kaymu.com.mm is a hub for lowest priced products but with optimum quality. The online store is a breakthrough in e-commerce sector of Myanmar since the concept is still very naïve and needs a lot of contribution from the business […]

Myanmar Police beat Myanmar students in Letpadan

I have kept my mouth shut for long since Myanmar students start protesting government for education. But I won’t keep it anymore by seeing today news and photos. Myanmar police used batons and other materials to beat students. Myanmar students have started protest campaign since more than one month ago to ask for Democracy education system in Myanmar. As Myanmar government is not offering a good education, youths have lost lots of chances and opportunities. Being graduated from poor university is a kind of killing country’s future. Like the saying ‘education is the biggest weapon to change the world, students […]

Myanmar people’s feedback on Samsung Galaxy S6

Since Samsung have revealed Samsung Galaxy S6, they may be getting both good and bad feedback from all over the world. I have a news and media page and published about Samsung Galaxy S6 revealing news. Many Myanmar people commented on the news and saw a lot of comment which rate S6 under 3 star. If you can read in Myanmar see in the link – http://goo.gl/ROHTTv If you are not a Myanmar, you may be wondering why people are not happy more with Samsung devices. It is because of the following facts. Body style and appearance not changing much  […]

Meet with Facebook Myanmar sticker makers

Many Myanmar are happy today of using Myanmar Faceboook Stickers. It is the sticker to remind people not to say hate speech on Facebook platform. Hate speech fighting campaign is ran by a local NGO called MIDO, Myanmar ICT for Development Organization. They get connected with Facebook authorities and got agreed to make localized stickers for Myanmar Facebook users. A group of Myanmar youths of Thet Paing Kha, Zay Yar Win Htet and other three people are active volunteer in youth activities. MIDO found them and their talent. The group started a design house called Joosk. Now Joosk team got […]

Property, a barrier to start a business in Myanmar

To start a business in Myanmar, getting an office space become a big barrier for entrepreneurs. There are not much solution for it. Startups exist in Yangon because Yangon is the city where global business come in and internet connection is better than other cities of Myanmar. To rent a small apartment, the size of 60×40 feet, it cost at least 400,000 Kyat in downtown. The price is always rising. It is also because Myanmar don’t have stock market where they can invest their money on. Currently, Myanmar real estate market became a place for investment. People are buying, selling […]

Startup.mm where you can meet local startups

It’s quiet hard for a foreigner to find all local startup in the same place together online. I have lots of requests of where to find local startups. I usually recommend those to join Startup.mm group, which has bunches of local startups. There are over 930 members already. Most of them are local Myanmar startup business owners. Few of them are foreigners who start business in Myanmar. It became a very effective group for startup to invite and organize people. We usually use it to share knowledge, experience and connect each other for business. We also use LinkedIn, but only […]

Myanmar tech community is penetrating to rural areas

Technology landscape of Myanmar is still narrow. Most of the internet user exist in Yangon. 70 percent exist in Yangon and 20 percent is in Mandalay and other cities has few percent. I went to Hin Thada city, the second biggest city in Irrawaddy division, to speak in tech camp, held by Hin Thada Tech University. They invite people from tech community at Yangon attend the event and share the knowledge. Thousands of university students attended the event. Mobile communication coverage is not bad in the city. We can use MPT, Ooredoo. Telenor still need to set up network tower. […]