Mekong ICT Camp in Thailand calls for Myanmar

Developers, journalists, and social workers are welcome by Mekon ICT Camp organizer.  Mekong ICT Camp is a biannual training workshop on information, communication, and technologies for citizen media, community health, and civil society development in Mekong sub-region. The camp is from 8 to 12 of June, 2015. The location is at Leaning Resort,  College of Innovation Thammasat University, Pattaya, Thailand WHO CAN APPLY? • All developers, journalists, development workers and social workers are welcome!• Participants are welcome from EVERY Mekong-region country, and elsewhere• Around 60 participants will be selected from the Mekong sub-region, with others from outside the region WHAT […]

Paper wok – a blind spot for entrepreneur

Blind spot of car can give accident. Paper work is also a blind spot for entrepreneur who start business. Paper work include such as company registration, company law, business plan, strategic plan,  finance plan, etc. I can say that you don’t have full knowledge to handle everything. You’ll say that you’ve enough money to do that. But there are some fatal thing which can ruin your company if you don’t do by yourself. For example, you cannot keep your shoulder out off company registration and setting up process. If you do, it won’t be your company anymore. If you are […]