Being shy in business make you fail

  Being shy in business seem very rare in your field if you are not in Myanmar business field. But here in Myanmar, you will see many are shy. They are nervous to speak out something they are not feeling satisfied. Even I’m shy sometimes to speak. We called is in Myanmar language ‘Arr Nar Tal’. Myanmar people are too Arr Nar Tal in dealing with people.

An Introduction to Online Payment Gateways

  Online Payment Gateways- An Overview Nowadays, online payment systems are playing a very pivotal role in the E-commerce landscape. As businesses grow and expand their operations, the need to offer online payment mechanisms becomes imminent. The use of online payment gateways dates back to the 1960s, where they were a part of the running operations of banks and other financial institutions. This is when ATMs and credit cards surfaced as a convenient payment gateway to facilitate consumers. This was a turning point in the commercial sector because it helped to reshape the very dynamics that shape and affect businesses. […]

An Internet marker life in Myanmar

  I was featured in Skynet Up To Date channel, a TV channel in Myanmar. I was named as a young successful entrepreneur. However, I don’t see myself as a successful one. I just see myself as someone who got some great achievements in life. I talked how I passed my childhood life, how I studied and how I chose a career. I tried to subtitle all scripts in the video as well. You may watch it in English subtitle in YouTube. By the way, it was my first experience to subtitle the video. I learned that YouTube is now […]

Business strategy upon target audience

  I’ve been helping to manage a mobile news website, since two months before, which have over 273000 fan on Facebook and over 70,000 viewership every month. I would say it’s the almost the amount of mobile product learning community. Only one percent of mobile phone users are hardware and software technicians and passionate learners in technology.