Are you taking investment or loan?

  One of the hard question to answer for a startup in Myanmar is about investment and loan. As the country is just in the stage of opening to global market, investment way and system is new to many startup. Since to start a business, many people are still believing that money is the main key. Actually, the idea is important. Then what’s next? The next thing must be finding the way to do it. Some people started by family money. Some people partnered with their friends who have money. From 2013, many people came to realise that international investors […]

Calculating ROI for your online marketing campaign

To measure ROI (Return on Investment) for offline campaign is easier than an online campaign. Let’s say your clients invested on you 1000 USD for online marketing campaign. You have to build links among websites and social media. What’s your answer if they asked you ROI they can expect? That’s what I face in recent days. I solved it out by a mathematic calculate, but it can’t be a perfect answer.

Marketers’ comment on website

  Since I moved my website from a blog platform to self hosting platform where I use WordPress CMS, there are lots of people registering. I allowed everyone to be able to sign up as a subscriber. I just want their email so that I can use those for my further email marketing. From last two weeks, I’ve been getting over 10 users signing up per day. I don’t know why. May be they found out my website via search engine. I sometimes think like ‘are they trying to attack my website?’. Another thinking is are they marketers who just […]

What tech business you can start in Myanmar

Some Myanmar people who is gonna coming back to Myanmar ask me that question and I was dumb. The meaning is business is too large. I admit here that I don’t have a perfect knowledge on it because I, myself, is stay running on my comfort zone which is digital marketing. However I can advice how you can choose a type of business to start.

Migration from service business to product business

  I’ve been starting own business with friends. Type of business is service. To say specifically, it’s digital marketing. Now I’m feeling afraid if the business would stop after running for two years. I got that psycho after learning that many service business here in Myanmar are dying. It’s because they can’t do it to be sustainable.

Does Facebook account verifying system work well for Myanmar

Facebook finally came out with the best idea to remove fake account. The idea and the plan is to verify everyone with ID card, which is very effective. However there are still some weakness. Some people well-known public figures’ name are changed. There is a culture in Myanmar. Myanmar artists are having their artist name which is not same with their real name in ID., a Facebook group where Myanmar startups meet

Kaung Sitt, a Myanmar entrepreneur founded a Facebook group,, with the help of other foreign and local entrepreneurs in Myanmar. The group is started since 2013 and now it become a big online community for startups in Myanmar. There are now more than over 1700 entrepreneurs existing in the group. 90 percent of them are Myanmar entrepreneurs, of which some are working at other countries and some at local. Most of them are from Yangon. Most of them are from tech industry. There are some app development company founders and web development company founders. Some are working employee with […]