A self-funded UI/UX design studio in Myanmar

   2012 is the period smartphone users in Myanmar are increasing a lot. In 2012, there were about more than 849,000 mobile internet users, according to Ministry of Information’s declaration. Most of those user volume is existing in Yangon. Those increased user searched for mobile applications which will give them fun and excitement. Beside Facebook and games application, they wanted to test some Myanmar app. At that time, less than 50 mobile app came out in the market, which includes news app, Myanmar language and font apps, and entertainment apps. A small entertainment app which is called m-tarot came out […]

Education: a good business in Myanmar

  It’s good to start education business in Myanmar. Some people will say education is not the field to commercially get benefit. However, free education is also hard to start in poor country unless getting donation from other countries. I’ve friends who open institutes and college. They connect with college and universities from Singapore, UK, Australia and many other countries. They teach business, public relation, communication, technology, etc and then give certificates and diploma.

Scaling up service business and it’s challenges

Digital marketing is a service business which have equal relation between man power and clients. I started a service business with four people. Currently we’ve over six clients. The challenge I’m facing now is scaling up the business. Let’s say you start a mobile app business with two people and you get over 1 million users. Then you got rich. But when talking about service business, it’s totally different from product business. If you want 1 million clients, you have to hire about 1 millions employee. So it’s hard to compare with service and product business. We can only increase […]

IT industry and it’s future in Myanmar

I visited to Hanoi, Vietnam last week. I had chance to visit milk factories, paramedical products manufacturing factories and many other sectors. I learned that Vietnam opens the business door to everyone in the world. There are lots of foreign investments and foreign companies. Those companies land on real estate market, stock exchange market, industrial zones and many others. I asked people where software houses exist. They told me software and many IT businesses are locating in Saigon. By the way, Vietnam and Myanmar is having a closed relation for business and many other deals.