About me

On March, 2011, there was a young boy of 18, who went for interview to work as a translator at an IT media company. It is been six years for me to work in this company life (without counting guide teacher life which started from 2009. I had seven students. Thazin Myolwin, Aung Chan and Thiri San were my notable students. :P)

1) I read over 2000 wikipedia articles. (No wonder I became Aung Kham (YoYarLay) 😛

2) I read over 5000 English news. websites – Entrepreneur.com, DailyMail, Metro, Mashable, CNet, Pocket-Lint, Phonearena, GSM Arena, Huffington, Times.com, BBC, CNN, etc.

3) I wrote more than 5000 articles. Notable blogs – Yoyarlay, Internatinal News for Myanmar (Now Sandakoo), Myanmar Entrepreneur, TechSpace Journal, Colay:Automobile, Media Lane’s media platforms, @Shwe Lone (Now Myanmar Consumer Guide), Myanmar Mobile App. (Half of those are translation :D)

4) I contribute more than 5 offline prints – Myanmar B2B Management Magazine, TV Guide Journal, TechSpace Journal, Look Myanmar Mgz, Mobile Guide Journal – Total over 100 long articles.

5) I self-taught – building websites and blogs (with web tools), SEO, SEM, HTML, CSS, Social Media Marketing.

6) I studied – IELTS advance class at British Council (accomplished), CCNA (passed), MCTA (passed), HP E-Learning for small business (passed), Three basic level of Abhidhama (passed), Three higher level of Abhidhama (passed), Superior Diploma in the buddhist Abhidhama (passed with credit), Google Advertising (Failed 2 times as took the exams without taking time to study :P)

7) I had dual careers through my career. One is being a blogger and another one is being an employee life. I worked multiple jobs at the same time. I worked at Techspace Journal (about 2 years), Yoyarlay (about 4 years), Colay:Automobile (one year), Rocket Internet (2 years), TV Guide Journal (about six months), @Shwe Lone (about one year), Media Lane (six months), Ideabox Myanmar (six months), Phandeeyar (six months), DK-former own business (eight months), Now in Huawei (10 months). Don’t combine all those years. Most of them are overlapping (meaning I worked dual or triple at the same time. 🙂

8) People whom I get inspired – Ye Oo (for his writing style), Adam Htoo (for his communication style. Thanks for teaching me, brother). Kyaw Lin Soe (of his hardworking lifestyle), @Ye Myanmar Aung (of his kind), Rocket Internet leads (of their hard working and communication), Ko ThanZaw of his being positive), David Madden and teacher Pwint Htun (of their passion and ideas), Ko Sai Linn Thu (of his passion and strong interest on what he determined to do) and many others.

9) I travelled Vietnam (two times), Thailand (two times), Singapore (two times) and United States (one time but 7 cities :P)

10) I finished three Marathon (two 21KM, one 42KM), two Triathlon (one in Vietnam and one in Thailand). Unlocking another one very soon! 😉

I started my career without any support from my family. I supported my two sisters (Khin Sabae Phyoe & Nang Phyu Phyu Soe for their University education. I have been supporting my beloved family on the other hand.

Six years of working life in Myanmar changed my life from zero to this stage.

There is no regret whenever I look up my archives. 🙂

Some people asked me ‘what do you do?’ I said ‘I do marketing’. Then asked me again ‘Oh, what product do you market about?”, I said ‘I market myself’. 😛


Aung Kham

29, March, 2017