Being shy in business make you fail

  Being shy in business seem very rare in your field if you are not in Myanmar business field. But here in Myanmar, you will see many are shy. They are nervous to speak out something they are not feeling satisfied. Even I’m shy sometimes to speak. We called is in Myanmar language ‘Arr Nar Tal’. Myanmar people are too Arr Nar Tal in dealing with people.

Finding your career back

  Many of Myanmar young people are losing career. They don’t know what they want to do and what they should do. It’s actually not the thing happening only in Myanmar, but also in other countries. It also concern with government those who don’t create much job opportunities for people. However, it is not the solution. The solution is you try your way. Here let me give you some tips to reborn your career.

Will Myanmar people use Windows 10

Some of my friends are still using Windows 7. I also saw that many companies in Myanmar are also still using Windows 7. As long as Microsoft is giving security updates and other important features, it’s fine to keep on using Windows 7. But only one problem would occur in user’s life which is becoming an idiot in technology who know nothing about updates. Many people in Myanmar are not still handy with Windows 7. Windows 7 and Windows 8 has a too big gap in user experience. There are some added features. In Windows 8, you can still use […]

Let’s try social media management tools

Before using social media management tools, I was thinking it’s a busy job to use. But after using some platforms, I found it’s helpful. There are many social media management tools and each of them have different features and usages. Some give you data report only but some let you manage your social media from the platform. Here are some I tried – HootSuite HootSuite let you manage social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and some other. Their product is the best for Twitter platform. Twitter and HootSuite Integration is deep and you can even watch over hashtag, […]

Why you shouldn’t do multi-level marketing in Myanmar

Some of my friends are asking me if they should do multi-level marketing. I tell them ‘No, you shouldn’t’. Let me tell you why. Before you market a product, you need to think about the following. Is it affordable?  First question came up for you is if it’s affordable. Now you know daily average income of a Myanmar citizen, which is only about 0.5 dollar per day. But you would say those live in Yangon city get a lot. But it may be just about 2 dollars per day. They cannot afford to buy flagship smartphone. However they take medicine […]

To be sustainable or to be successful?

When you ask a startup in Myanmar about what he would like to become, he will answer that he want to success. But if you ask me, I would say, I would like to make it sustainable. It depends on type of business too. For service business, it must be sustainable first before catching success. Myanmar digital marketing is just a starting up. It is not Singapore or US. It is where only 5 millions of people are using internet today. It takes 10 years to see when nearly all population use internet. For now, we only have users in […]

Transition from social based user to web based user in Myanmar internet

Top ten 10 Facebook pages in Myanmar for March 2015 My friend keep on asking me how they gonna make people who are fan of their Facebook page, visit their website. It’s been a big challenge for Myanmar internet businesses. The condition is Myanmar internet users are thinking they are using internet just by using Facebook. I’ve been writing a lot regarding with this issue. It will never be getting old talking about it again and again. We have three things to consider. Internet connection That’s the first issue when thinking to make a transition from social based user to […]