Scaling up service business and it’s challenges

Digital marketing is a service business which have equal relation between man power and clients. I started a service business with four people. Currently we’ve over six clients. The challenge I’m facing now is scaling up the business. Let’s say you start a mobile app business with two people and you get over 1 million users. Then you got rich. But when talking about service business, it’s totally different from product business. If you want 1 million clients, you have to hire about 1 millions employee. So it’s hard to compare with service and product business. We can only increase […]

IT industry and it’s future in Myanmar

I visited to Hanoi, Vietnam last week. I had chance to visit milk factories, paramedical products manufacturing factories and many other sectors. I learned that Vietnam opens the business door to everyone in the world. There are lots of foreign investments and foreign companies. Those companies land on real estate market, stock exchange market, industrial zones and many others. I asked people where software houses exist. They told me software and many IT businesses are locating in Saigon. By the way, Vietnam and Myanmar is having a closed relation for business and many other deals.

Are you taking investment or loan?

  One of the hard question to answer for a startup in Myanmar is about investment and loan. As the country is just in the stage of opening to global market, investment way and system is new to many startup. Since to start a business, many people are still believing that money is the main key. Actually, the idea is important. Then what’s next? The next thing must be finding the way to do it. Some people started by family money. Some people partnered with their friends who have money. From 2013, many people came to realise that international investors […]

Calculating ROI for your online marketing campaign

To measure ROI (Return on Investment) for offline campaign is easier than an online campaign. Let’s say your clients invested on you 1000 USD for online marketing campaign. You have to build links among websites and social media. What’s your answer if they asked you ROI they can expect? That’s what I face in recent days. I solved it out by a mathematic calculate, but it can’t be a perfect answer.

Migration from service business to product business

  I’ve been starting own business with friends. Type of business is service. To say specifically, it’s digital marketing. Now I’m feeling afraid if the business would stop after running for two years. I got that psycho after learning that many service business here in Myanmar are dying. It’s because they can’t do it to be sustainable.

Being shy in business make you fail

  Being shy in business seem very rare in your field if you are not in Myanmar business field. But here in Myanmar, you will see many are shy. They are nervous to speak out something they are not feeling satisfied. Even I’m shy sometimes to speak. We called is in Myanmar language ‘Arr Nar Tal’. Myanmar people are too Arr Nar Tal in dealing with people.

Business strategy upon target audience

  I’ve been helping to manage a mobile news website, since two months before, which have over 273000 fan on Facebook and over 70,000 viewership every month. I would say it’s the almost the amount of mobile product learning community. Only one percent of mobile phone users are hardware and software technicians and passionate learners in technology.

Your price determines your business value

My friends are saying that Myanmar web business field has been destroyed by some people. He said it because there are many web developing companies in Myanmar which develop website by cheap price. You cannot get by a fully function and premium website by 200 USD in any other country in the world, but in Myanmar. Some people even will do for you by 100 USD as a freelancer.

Flexible price or fixed price for your service business

If you manufacture and sell products in Myanmar, it doesn’t matter if you make a fixed price. But when selling service, there are lots of things to consider before you have a price tag. It’s not easy to measure the real value of a service. You sell a marketing service package and your competitors do as well. Let’s say that they are charging more than the price you are charging and still they are getting more customer than you? So how? Having a price tag for a service business is a challenging. There are two way to have a price […]

Transition from social based user to web based user in Myanmar internet

Top ten 10 Facebook pages in Myanmar for March 2015 My friend keep on asking me how they gonna make people who are fan of their Facebook page, visit their website. It’s been a big challenge for Myanmar internet businesses. The condition is Myanmar internet users are thinking they are using internet just by using Facebook. I’ve been writing a lot regarding with this issue. It will never be getting old talking about it again and again. We have three things to consider. Internet connection That’s the first issue when thinking to make a transition from social based user to […]