Difference between working at start-up and enterprise companies

I have worked in a start-up and enterprise companies. Both are foreign based companies, expanding market in Myanmar. As far as I worked, I found the different advantages and disadvantages. In start-up companies Advantages 1.       You are responsible not only for what your contract is saying, but also other things. I mean you will have to do everything that you can do. You will sometimes be a cleaner if there is no cleaner in the office. Sometimes you will also become a customer service manager even though you are a developer. Startups usually don’t have enough crew to take care […]

Why Obama’s kiss on Aung San Su Kyi’s cheek became a hot topic

As you may already knew that Barack Obama, U.S.President, visited to Myanmar and to Daw Aung San Su Kyi, a noble price winner and Myanmar opposition leader in Yangon. There emerged a hot topic online Facebook community of Myanmar for Obama kissed on Aung San Su Kyi’s cheek. It is because of different culture of Myanmar from Western countries.Although kissing on the cheek is a culture of Europe and America’ countries to show respect, kindness and hospitality, It is still strange to many Asian countries, especially to Myanmar. Whatever happened, everyone should have to agree any kind of hospitality, friendship […]