Have positive mind in life

It is easy to write the words ‘positive mind’ and ‘positive thinking’, which are difficult to practice. Sometime we lose our mind and cannot control our anger. Before it was happening, we already lost our positive mind. Whatever we are facing, we must deal with people by positive mind. Let me explain you more. In Yangon, we are facing many people for daily needs such as while taking bus or taxi, while working with work mates, while dealing with customer services. You may found out that many of them will disappoint you. You will also disappoint if you cannot found […]

Four methods to do donation taught by Buddha

People always think that donation mean giving to others by giving money and material. Actually there are four method of donation, taught by Buddha. 1. Be a donor You can be a donor by donating anything you have to anyone else. There are two reason we have why we give: to help others and to cut our greedy mind or to improve our practice on culmination in one of the perfections, giving  . It means that donation doesn’t matter if it is big or small. It just matters how much your greedy mind loose from the body and how much […]

Why Buddha taught us to believe in past and future life

Buddha taught us to believe in past and future life. It means that we reborn after we die until we cannot get to Nirvana, a place of perfect peace and happiness.  We are repeated in the cycle of rebirth until we don’t accomplish in practicing of Dharma. Some of my foreign friends who are free thinkers shared their opinion that they don’t believe in past and future life and it isn’t fair to blame to past life for those who are poor now. Some people are rich and Buddha taught that they are rich because they donated a lot in […]

How to stop conflicts between religions

I am a Buddhist, and I follow the teaching of Buddha. As far as I learned I came to feel upset for today conflicts between religions. As learned from Buddha, he taught as to practice the four-immeasurables which are –     1) Loving-kindness (Metta)    2) Compassion (Karuna)    3) Empathetic joy (Mudita)    4) Equanimity (Upekkha) Loving-kindness is hoping someone or everyone fine; “the wish that all sentient beings, without any exception, be happy.” Compassion is hoping a person’s sufferings to diminish; “the wish for all sentient beings to be free from suffering.”Empathetic joy is feeling joy in the accomplishments of a […]

Meritorious actions to perform in life

To have a peaceful and happy life, Buddha taught as to perform ten bases of meritorious action daily which are as followings. 1. Dana = Charity2. Sila    = morality3. Bhavana = meditation4. Apacayana = giving due respect to others5. Veyyavacca = rendering service and assistance6. Pattidana = sharing merits7. Pattanunodana = rejoicing at and appreciation8. Dhammassavana = listening to the Dhamma, teaching of Buddha9. Dhammadesana = teaching Dhamma to others10. Ditthijukamma = right belief These good deeds are meritorious deeds not only when you actually do them, but also when you make other perform good deeds, when you explain the […]

The prediction of a venerable monk for future of the world

The venerable monk, Ashin Janakabhivamsa, wrote a book named Abhidhamma in daily life, one of the teaching of Buddha, and published in 1930. There he predicted the world’s condition in the future. I feel wonder to see that his prediction is definitely true and same like the current condition of the world. Let me share his words. “In future the younger generation will no more be fortunate enough to inherit wealth from their parents. Nowadays parents have to struggle hard even to afford education of their children. Novel commodities in the form of diverse consumer goods are abound in the […]

Don’t get sorrow,as it is a perfection

Many people today feel sorrow for many kind of reasons and problems such as losing parents, relatives, losing jobs and so on. Sorrow indeed is an unwholesome mental fact of suffering, as taught by Buddha. Hatred will appear in consequence. They endanger the mind and are painful forces and influence; one in no way gains anything from these. They burn the heart and harm the mind without yielding a single benefit. Therefore a wise person should avoid it. There is a story, as taught by Buddha, which is about Malika, the wife of General Bandula who serve for the King […]

Repay your debts in any condition

There is a story, said by Buddha to suggest human beings to repay all kind of debts. Let me share you. In a certain town there once was a lad who worked hard as a common labourer and look after his widowed mother. His mother was immoral and was having affair secretly. His friend who knew about it felt pity for the lad and disclosed the affair to him. However, he said, “Let my mother be happy; what ever she does, I shall attend to her.” In the story, the immorality of his mother is her own burden. The work […]

Ups and downs of life

For human beings, there are four good and four bad circumstances in life, as taught by Buddha. They are –1. Labha = Acquiring wealth, requisites, etc.,2. Alabha = Not acquiring wealth, requisites, etc.,3. Yasa = Having followers,4. Ayasa = Not having followers,5. Pasamsa =Being praised,6. Ninda = Being blamed,7. Sukkha = Happiness,8. Dukkha = Suffering Some can resist four bad circumstances but not the good four because they became elated and proud. Some can stay calm and don’t get proud when having good four things, but depressed when facing four bad circumstances. Some cannot resist anything ups and downs of […]

Mental factors that pure our mind

Everyone want a peaceful and quiet life, but only few people know how to pure our mind so that we can get it. According to teaching of Buddha, let me share you 14 mental factors that help our consciousness decided and do wholesome deeds. 1. Saddha = faith, confidenceFaith in Buddha, his teaching (Dharma) and his disciples (sangha), and accept the truth of Karma (action and reaction)2. Sati        = mindfulness, awarenessRecollecting, remembering or heedfulness in the meritorious deeds perform in the past and looking forward of it with mindfulness.3. Hiri         = moral shameAshamed to do evil deeds.4. Ottappa = moral […]