Mere knowledge without morality

I learned a wily tiger story from Anhidhamma, written by Ashin Janakabhivamsa, a venerable monk. Let me share you. There a very old tiger lived in a jungle near human village. As too old, he cannot catch any prey. But still he can hunt the prey coming close to him. That’s why he always use tricks to catch beings. One day, when a traveller walk around there, tiger called loudly, “Oh traveller! Come and take this golden bungle in my paws”. As being afraid, traveller said he dare not come near him who used to be a man-eater. Then the […]

What is mindfulness taught by Buddha?

As the lesson of mindfulness became popular among the world, people from every religion are trying to take it. I saw a cover story in Time magazine regarding to mindfulness, and it show mindfulness practice are trending in western regions.But their mindfulness lesson is just a part of practicing in Buddhism people. Buddha taught as the way to take meditation to found nibbana. Mindfulness is called Sati in Pali language and it is one of the wholesome mental factors which make us wholesome deeds. As learned from the book of Abhidhamma in daily life, I will share you a little. […]

A book of Buddha’s teaching that you should digest

Let me refer you a book to read, named Abhidhamma in Daily Life, written by a venerable monk, Ashin Janakabhivansa, and translated by u ko lay, a doctrine and a professor of Buddha university in Myanmar, so that you have chance to read in English language. The book got successful not only in Myanmar but also in other country where Buddhist religion still alive and got being published for more than fifteen times since 1933. But English version of it was release after 1997, thank to U Ko Lay and venerable Sayadaw U Silananda who revised the book. Although I […]