Internationally recognized free courses and exams for self learners

There are actually lots of resources you can learn and get degree. Unfortunately, most of them are not free. Here we are sharing you good sources to learn. Still some of them are not free courses and need fees for exam. Anyway, courses such as HP Life and Google are free to learn. HP Life Entrepreneurship course – Google Developer courses – Microsoft Virtual Academy – Google Marketing courses – Cisco Networking Academy – HootSuite University for social media learners LCCI International Qualification – You don’t need to take all of it. Just […]

The biggest presentation sources for you – SlideShare

Have you ever use SlideShare? I have been using it since early 2012. I used it to download lost of presentations. I was learning about digital media and marketing. There I found lots of related slides for me. Great people from all over the world uploaded their powerpoint presentations. You can view it online and download as well.  I also suggest you to upload your powerpoint presentation on it. It is open sources and user generated platform where people share their knowledge and experiences in ppt format. You have to create an account if you have to upload your work […]

Yale University, US, is calling Myanmar high school student for summer program

If you have high school siblings and friends, please pass this information on. Yale Young Global Scholars Program announced a new scholarship for students from Myanmar to attend American high school summer program. This scholarship will cover tuition, airfare and travel expenses to the program at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut in summer 2015. The program is open to students who have one or two years of secondary school remaining, and offers three different two-week sessions. The Yale Young Global Scholars Program is a rigorous academic experience, featuring lectures from renowned Yale faculty. Admission to YYGS is competitive. Applications […]

Wikipedia, the world best online educator

Since early 2011, I started reading lots of articles in Wikipedia. I don’t usually go to Wikipedia directly. When I want to know something and some words, I use wiki. I was 18 years old to start working online. Only within 2 years, my career got too far. People even see me as a successful person. I don’t have pride for it. When a young man in Myanmar can find 100 USD per month, local people usually appreciate and admire. I was that one when I was in 20. To get the money in 2012, I was hard-working. Today I […]

Take free online courses at Coursera

www.coursera.orgCoursera empowers people to improve their lives, the lives of their families, and the communities they live in with education. You can get free online courses. There are many subjects to learn. Imagine a subject and find there. You will see it. From marketing to leadership, they have variety of subject. Eve you can learn about digital marketing. To sign up and learn, it is free. But when you want certificates which is given by college and university, you have to pay for it. But it is cheap. Coursera partner with some University and College. Probably you will be able […]

Test your personality

Someone gave me the link to test my personality. Here you should also try. The link is You may already have other source or not. That website really give you very valuable and detail information about your personality. To test your personality there is free. They will also give you a general report. If you want to read a detail report, you will have to buy. It is cheap and 93 pages around. Everybody should learn themselves while learning others. Some people forgot to try knowing their personality. They were always judging others. Yes. This is the time to […]

Become a Myanmar’s star at Channel News Asia’s Start-UP Show

Lithan University College is launching the startup bootcamp training program in Myanmar. IT is an intensive two-day program, designed for greatest impact in least time. By signing up, you will get access to our library of exclusive e-content covering the fundamentals of startup viability (Lean Canvas, Go to Market Strategy, and Business Viability). By the end of the Bootcamp, you will be equipped with the know-how to deliver a professional investor-ready pitch presentation. The judging panel, from Singapore, will be on hand personally to select the finalist from the cohort. The winner coming from the bootcamp will not only be […]

Teaching people to use technology is very first step of IT companies’ step in Myanmar

Myanmar is not like a country from western part of the world. IT revolution is starting from mobile because mobile internet user population is increasing too much due to arrived new mobile operators such as Ooredoo and Telenor. IT businesses in Myanmar always say that it is difficult to run an IT business in the country. Yes. It’s true. The problem what they are facing is not only about infrastructure and politics. The biggest problem is to educate people how to use technology in their life. People still don’t know how to use Internet for their daily life needs in […]

Learn about Microsoft education – good for you!

I was wandering around the website, Microsoft education,, which is very interesting. I believe it must have something for you. It will be a big resources about technology and education, mostly concerned Microsoft products such as Windows devices and software. They have online training. They have online seminars and educational videos. They at least can teach you how to use windows OS in basic. Then they will also teach other higher level technology stuffs. There is also an education network, where you can find partner for learning. They help not only students but also educators. If you are an […]

Get help from Google to change Myanmar by IT education

Google for education is open world education and learning portal created by Google. Last year, Google was instrumental in providing access, resources, financial assistance and innovative products to more than 15 million students and teachers in more than 140 communities worldwide. They said they are changing the world by technology and education. Now a newly program they are providing is Google RISE Awards. The good news is that Myanmar is also eligible. Google RISE Awards are grants for organizations across the globe that: promote Computer Science (CS) education, run initiatives that reach girls, underrepresented minorities, and students facing socio-economic barriers […]