Global Student Entrepreneur Awards (GSEA) 2016-17 is now accepting applications

The Global Student Entrepreneurs Awards (GSEA) is now accepting applications worldwide.  GSEA Finals will feature 50 students from 50 countries and will take place 27-29 April 2017 in Frankfurt, Germany. Local and national GSEA Finals qualifying competitions will take place from September 2016 through March 2017. Students will apply locally for the opportunity to compete in a GSEA Finals qualifying competition. GSEA, a program of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO), is the premier awards program for student entrepreneurs.  GSEA provides students the opportunity to form lasting relationships with students and the VIP entrepreneur judges. Over the years, participating students have gone […]

Myanmar-Entrepreneur is now two year old and why I keep on doing this

Aung Kham: “I think I should stop writing for a while. My English is too bad. I have to improve my English skill. I’ll attend IELTS class at British Council and only after it, I should write again” David Madden: “Aung Kham, never stop doing good thing only because you’re not perfect”.  Last six months ago, I was talking with David Madden, founder of Phandeeyar. He is one of my mentor for me in this career. Because of his motivational words, I kept on writing no matter I’m bad at English language.  Being a blogger in Myanmar is hard. One […]

Evolution of Tech Entrepreneus and entreprenurship in South East Asia

Evolution of Tech Entrepreneurs and Entrepreneurship in South East Asia

Till the end of the nineteenth century, the focus of innovation based economic growth was essentially an American and West European concept. Last two decades have witnessed a surge in innovation and entrepreneurial endeavors in the rest of the world also. The South East Asia has been silently and steadily witnessing the rise of this phenomenon thus becoming an essential player of this growth decentralization. Some Cities to look for: Singapore Singapore is the largest player in South East Asia and is considered as the best place in the world to live. Its strengths are: strong and effective legal system, […]

Confusing between passion and greedy in business

  Young people in Myanmar are starting businesses in many industries. When talking about industries, there may be mainly online and offline business or product and service business. I’ve some friends who ask me what they should do. I’ve no answers for them. For me, I don’t ask any other people because I clearly know what I want to do. If you don’t know what you want to do, I could say it’s not the right time for you to start a business.

A self-funded UI/UX design studio in Myanmar

   2012 is the period smartphone users in Myanmar are increasing a lot. In 2012, there were about more than 849,000 mobile internet users, according to Ministry of Information’s declaration. Most of those user volume is existing in Yangon. Those increased user searched for mobile applications which will give them fun and excitement. Beside Facebook and games application, they wanted to test some Myanmar app. At that time, less than 50 mobile app came out in the market, which includes news app, Myanmar language and font apps, and entertainment apps. A small entertainment app which is called m-tarot came out […]

Are you taking investment or loan?

  One of the hard question to answer for a startup in Myanmar is about investment and loan. As the country is just in the stage of opening to global market, investment way and system is new to many startup. Since to start a business, many people are still believing that money is the main key. Actually, the idea is important. Then what’s next? The next thing must be finding the way to do it. Some people started by family money. Some people partnered with their friends who have money. From 2013, many people came to realise that international investors […], a Facebook group where Myanmar startups meet

Kaung Sitt, a Myanmar entrepreneur founded a Facebook group,, with the help of other foreign and local entrepreneurs in Myanmar. The group is started since 2013 and now it become a big online community for startups in Myanmar. There are now more than over 1700 entrepreneurs existing in the group. 90 percent of them are Myanmar entrepreneurs, of which some are working at other countries and some at local. Most of them are from Yangon. Most of them are from tech industry. There are some app development company founders and web development company founders. Some are working employee with […]

Paper wok – a blind spot for entrepreneur

Blind spot of car can give accident. Paper work is also a blind spot for entrepreneur who start business. Paper work include such as company registration, company law, business plan, strategic plan,  finance plan, etc. I can say that you don’t have full knowledge to handle everything. You’ll say that you’ve enough money to do that. But there are some fatal thing which can ruin your company if you don’t do by yourself. For example, you cannot keep your shoulder out off company registration and setting up process. If you do, it won’t be your company anymore. If you are […]

Myanmar entrepreneurs ran in Yoma Yangon Marathon

Yoma Yangon International Marathon took place on 11, January. Many Myanmar entrepreneurs ran in half marathon (21km). It was a fun. It was also the very first time for me ran in a Marathon. However, I took about 2:30 hours to cross the finish line. And the team was cool. From that experience, I determined to run every years and even will try to get first prize. You will said it is a funny determination. But such determination can drive us to get somewhere higher. Whatever you are doing, you should also have a sport activity daily or weekly. I […]