Myanmar entrepreneurs ran in Yoma Yangon Marathon

Yoma Yangon International Marathon took place on 11, January. Many Myanmar entrepreneurs ran in half marathon (21km). It was a fun. It was also the very first time for me ran in a Marathon. However, I took about 2:30 hours to cross the finish line. And the team was cool. From that experience, I determined to run every years and even will try to get first prize. You will said it is a funny determination. But such determination can drive us to get somewhere higher. Whatever you are doing, you should also have a sport activity daily or weekly. I […]

Less knowledge in health make you a failed entrepreneur

Many entrepreneurs may know how to start a business, how to write a business plan, how to develop a creative idea, how to execute the project and so on which are related to entrepreneurship. But only some may know – how to eat healthily– how to avoid cancer– how many hours should a man spend to sleep a day– how many glass of water should a man to drink a day– how to get rid of depression– how to improve immune system– how to take care of eye– how to take relax in good way and so on which are […]