A self-funded UI/UX design studio in Myanmar

   2012 is the period smartphone users in Myanmar are increasing a lot. In 2012, there were about more than 849,000 mobile internet users, according to Ministry of Information’s declaration. Most of those user volume is existing in Yangon. Those increased user searched for mobile applications which will give them fun and excitement. Beside Facebook and games application, they wanted to test some Myanmar app. At that time, less than 50 mobile app came out in the market, which includes news app, Myanmar language and font apps, and entertainment apps. A small entertainment app which is called m-tarot came out […]

Sleep less won’t make you a smart entrepreneur

Smart people work hard and play hard. Entrepreneurs are also a kind of hard working people. Some people even get late at night. Getting late at day job is fine. But do you think it is a good habit working late at night? I’ve been working late since 2012. At those time, I was very skinny because I ate less and slept less. Eating less is consequence of sleeping less. Then the another consequence is you cannot work effectively. You won’t be able to generate creative idea. I drink energy drinks or medicine that could give us energy to stay […]

How to motivate yourself

It is usual that youths get depression, lose inspiration and not too much active sometime. It happened because of many reason such as being very tired, being lonely, being compared with others and so on. In that condition, we need to motivate ourselves. The followings are the best way to do. 1. Get inspiration from seniors Ask your seniors in your university or your job about their good and bad experience. Sometime you lost inspiration and motivation when you don’t know anymore what to do and what will happen in the future. You will become worrying. In the condition, your […]

Difference between working at start-up and enterprise companies

I have worked in a start-up and enterprise companies. Both are foreign based companies, expanding market in Myanmar. As far as I worked, I found the different advantages and disadvantages. In start-up companies Advantages 1.       You are responsible not only for what your contract is saying, but also other things. I mean you will have to do everything that you can do. You will sometimes be a cleaner if there is no cleaner in the office. Sometimes you will also become a customer service manager even though you are a developer. Startups usually don’t have enough crew to take care […]

While you are falling in love, your friends are getting success

I have many  friends who are falling deeply in love. They take too much time for their lover. They spend almost 2 hours a day for it. Some said their lover is influencing their mind. Still they cannot work through due to influencing of love feeling. Some even stopped working due to hurt feelings from broken relationship. I am seeing that many young people in Myanmar are wasting their time in crazy love seriously. Love is a feeling that can tender human being. Some even get motivated from love. I agree for some fact too, but love feeling actually can […]

Losing career? Here is how to develop a career

There are many people in Myanmar losing career. Most are young people under 25. They don’t know where they are good at and don’t know what they want to. As had to generate income, they do whatever they can. They apply for any position in any company. They work in sale and marketing, IT, accounting and so on. Some tend to happy on what they are doing, but some don’t like what they do. So they resigned the job and lost career. Then they joined other job but again lost career until they found the right career for them. Now […]

Are you afraid of making mistake?

Many of my friends are afraid of making mistake in their job and career. For having such kind of mental condition, they don’t take risk and challenge in their life. They don’t get promoted in their life too. It is clear that everyone should be brave to take challenge without getting afraid of making mistake. As some did lots of errors in their tasks, they never want to take the tasks and get out of the trip to success. Some people don’t feel afraid of making mistake. But after always making mistake, they insult themselves and have the feeling of […]

Why Myanmar people live with parents

I had chance to discuss with one of my Europe friends. When introducing each other, I told my story that I am currently living with my parents and supporting them. She said it’s nice. Then for her, living with parents is weird for them and they usually don’t support the parents also. First I feel strange but It got clear when she explain to me everything with it. In Western country, adult over 18 years old usually try to live alone the most. They left the house and live with the city where they work. Some even leave the country […]

Entrepreneurs need enough sleep hours

Many entrepreneurs and young people forget one thing: entrepreneurs need enough sleep hours. I got the bad experience of insufficient sleep hours. As I slept only for 3 or 4 hours, my whole day was very terrible and what I can do was nothing really. I even feel headache. I cannot eat and cannot work. Then my daily task was not finished and work performance went down. 7 or 8 hours is needed for every person to sleep at night. If one sleep less than it, health system will go bad. While sleeping, the brain doesn’t stop working. The digesting […]

Healthy eating make you a perfect entrepreneur

Are you eating in front of computer? Or are you eating fast food for daily launch? If you are doing so, you will get bad health result and it will make you fail in your business. Then you won’t become a successful entrepreneur. I also sometime forgot to eat good foods. I sometime didn’t eat morning breakfast.  I used to eat fast food for launch in front of my computer on the office desk.Then my healthy system become deteriorated and I cannot work for long with computer. My concentration level goes down and couldn’t pay attention on what I was […]