Sports make you a successful entrepreneur

To be a good entrepreneur or a successful entrepreneur, you should not forget to have a good habit in sport. As I have foreign friends who are entrepreneurs, I learned that they have their each favorite sport and they do it daily or 4 days a week. In the morning, some run; some swim; some cycle. Each one of them has daily physical activity that make healthy. Sport or physical activities are not only giving effect on health of body but also giving good effect on mental. For example, it cure you to came out from depression. It motivates you […]

Why depression arise and how to recover?

In teaching if Buddha, depression is involved under the wholesome mental factors. hatred in which sorrow, grief, depression, anger and grudge include. It is not only violet but also soils the mind. Depression mostly soils the mind. Why we got depressionThe following are the most resonance facts why one get depression 1. Lack of wealth, requisites, etc.,2. Not having followers3. Being blamed4. Suffering They are the downs of life, said by Buddha. Lack of wealth We, all human beings want a life full of requisites and many want full of luxury. When one see other people getting it and living […]

Don’t get sorrow,as it is a perfection

Many people today feel sorrow for many kind of reasons and problems such as losing parents, relatives, losing jobs and so on. Sorrow indeed is an unwholesome mental fact of suffering, as taught by Buddha. Hatred will appear in consequence. They endanger the mind and are painful forces and influence; one in no way gains anything from these. They burn the heart and harm the mind without yielding a single benefit. Therefore a wise person should avoid it. There is a story, as taught by Buddha, which is about Malika, the wife of General Bandula who serve for the King […]

Repay your debts in any condition

There is a story, said by Buddha to suggest human beings to repay all kind of debts. Let me share you. In a certain town there once was a lad who worked hard as a common labourer and look after his widowed mother. His mother was immoral and was having affair secretly. His friend who knew about it felt pity for the lad and disclosed the affair to him. However, he said, “Let my mother be happy; what ever she does, I shall attend to her.” In the story, the immorality of his mother is her own burden. The work […]

Ups and downs of life

For human beings, there are four good and four bad circumstances in life, as taught by Buddha. They are –1. Labha = Acquiring wealth, requisites, etc.,2. Alabha = Not acquiring wealth, requisites, etc.,3. Yasa = Having followers,4. Ayasa = Not having followers,5. Pasamsa =Being praised,6. Ninda = Being blamed,7. Sukkha = Happiness,8. Dukkha = Suffering Some can resist four bad circumstances but not the good four because they became elated and proud. Some can stay calm and don’t get proud when having good four things, but depressed when facing four bad circumstances. Some cannot resist anything ups and downs of […]

For life, have a hope and see in positive way

Many people said we live in life with hope. But only some people know the meaning of it. The word ‘hope’ has a lot meaning where you can found why we live. For me, I live with my family and all are depending on me everything to survive. Not only I but also they have a dream of one day when we can live in a good house and drive a good car. It means we live in life by hoping. I don’t know when my parents die and even to myself. They also don’t know it. But they had […]

Go and meet the disaster

There is a saying in Myanmar. It is ‘Go and meet the disaster’. It says that we to face the problems with brave when we have to. It says not to wait and face, but go and challenge it. I like it because it show how people are brave to deal with any problem. We also have to practice it in life also. When we met a difficulty, we get afraid to solve it. Even though we are knowing that it is a definite sure thing happening soon, we are still trying to dismiss it or avoid it. But we […]

Don’t be a greedy wolf

Do you know a story where a wolf barked and fought to his reflected body appeared in the water to get a prey? Let me tell you more. A wolf hunted a small prey and walked by passing the stream. When it looked down the stream, he saw his reflected body that he didn’t recognize. He tough it is one another wolf.Then it came to feel greedy for seeing a prey in the mouth of the wolf in the water. Then he started to fight it by loosing his prey in mouth. Then the wolf even lost his prey. Finally […]

Without challenge, life is nothing

The title would make you feel weird if you don’t know the meaning of challenge exactly. The challenge I mean here is dare to dealing with new tasks, targets and things. I write it because I am seeing some of my friends who are afraid of challenging in job, life and everywhere. We, with lousy mind, didn’t think about taking any risk on job or personal life because we are afraid of failing. Scaring is a weapon who is killing yourself in life. Even if scare to do anything, nothing could be happened in different ways. We don’t like changing, […]

Care and value your beloved one

We live in life with selfish mind and sometimes lost mind when we get greedy. Anyway and anyhow there at least someone exist who love and care about you. But you don’t know it or you don’t value it even if you are seeing. Then the one who got pain feeling is not only her or him but also you. Sometime we can make very wrong decisions due to unexpected conditions without taking control our self. Then the person who got pain is our self also. Newton said ‘For any action, there is a reaction’. If you broke some heart, […]