How nowadays singers in Myanmar should make money

Singers today are having the problem of digital pirate issue. Once the album is release, copies of the songs are already distributed around the web with no limitation. Although it is illegal, it is hard to control. Myanmar internet opened from 2010 fully. However most of the useful web services and apps are not yet in Myanmar. Those problem make people in Myanmar do pirating lots of digital materials. That is the general issue. Here by, I would like to raise the topic about how to make money for singers in Myanmar because selling albums in traditional way are already […]

Learning Myanmar internet market 2016 and planning for 2017

2016 is left already. I wrote this insight article since last week of the December, 2016. This include all about internet user information, social media status, top website, online marketing techniques of some companies. I would not say this is all about. This is actually some quick summarised information that I got in mind after going deep down into send freely available data.

Just one post per day or even more than 3 post per day on Facebook in Myanmar?

Facebook, the biggest social media platform in Myanmar in terms of the user population, has been a craving for many people in Myanmar. To speak about the data, Facebook show there are now over 10 to 15 Millions of active users monthly. Yes. It is increasing dynamically. No companies which need consumer and audience from any place can avoid Facebook. They have to create Facebook page. It is the easy start. The difficult stage arise when considering about post frequency.

Service business and its sustainability

When you do service business, one thing you always need to worry about it ‘sustainability’. Product business also have to worry about its sustainability if the business is not after the trend and if the business is not innovative. I saw many articles in Myanmar social media, writing about why Microsoft failed. I agree with writers for some view of point that Nokia didn’t change too much properly to fit in the market. So here let’s talk about service business.

Instagram and its future Myanmar

  I sent email to Instagram press to know the user population of Instagram in Myanmar. But as you know, I get nothing from them back. It is possible that press email I sent to is not the right email. But anyway, I found out a way to measure the user population of Instagram in Myanmar. By that way you can apply in calculating any user population of any social media in Myanmar. Technically it will have some error, but logically it will be true. It is as follow.

Calculating ROI for your online marketing campaign

To measure ROI (Return on Investment) for offline campaign is easier than an online campaign. Let’s say your clients invested on you 1000 USD for online marketing campaign. You have to build links among websites and social media. What’s your answer if they asked you ROI they can expect? That’s what I face in recent days. I solved it out by a mathematic calculate, but it can’t be a perfect answer.

Marketers’ comment on website

  Since I moved my website from a blog platform to self hosting platform where I use WordPress CMS, there are lots of people registering. I allowed everyone to be able to sign up as a subscriber. I just want their email so that I can use those for my further email marketing. From last two weeks, I’ve been getting over 10 users signing up per day. I don’t know why. May be they found out my website via search engine. I sometimes think like ‘are they trying to attack my website?’. Another thinking is are they marketers who just […]

Business strategy upon target audience

  I’ve been helping to manage a mobile news website, since two months before, which have over 273000 fan on Facebook and over 70,000 viewership every month. I would say it’s the almost the amount of mobile product learning community. Only one percent of mobile phone users are hardware and software technicians and passionate learners in technology.

Doing nothing is better marketing strategy when you have no idea

  My saying ‘doing something is better than doing nothing’ is not always right. Especially it’s not right when we talk about marketing. In marketing products and services to people, we have to bring valuable content to them. If we bring nonsense content, they will not read and even will run away. The concept is changing. Before the age of internet, way of information streaming is not first and only few information are getting to people.