The benefit of shortening urls

There are lots of platform which you can use to shorten url such as,,, etc. There are some benefit you will get by shortening urls. Become a clean message  It become a clean message by having a short url inside the articles and posts. Some social media platform such as Twitter won’t let you to write lots of text in a post. Therefore you have to find the way to reduce the texts. Instead of cutting out texts you should only shorten the urls. A deep report  That’s the most important thing why you should shorten urls. […]

Why you shouldn’t do multi-level marketing in Myanmar

Some of my friends are asking me if they should do multi-level marketing. I tell them ‘No, you shouldn’t’. Let me tell you why. Before you market a product, you need to think about the following. Is it affordable?  First question came up for you is if it’s affordable. Now you know daily average income of a Myanmar citizen, which is only about 0.5 dollar per day. But you would say those live in Yangon city get a lot. But it may be just about 2 dollars per day. They cannot afford to buy flagship smartphone. However they take medicine […]

Using celebrities as a weapon for the marketing strategy

With my small brain in the past, I thought it’s totally wrong spelling money by supporting an actress to promote the products.  For example, as you could see in the picture, Oppo is promoting their brand by promoting a music concert of Waine Su Khaing Thein, a local famous female singer. Oppo in Myanmar is spending money to promote their brand by using the celebrity’s image. Today, I see it in right way that is they are spending right for marketing. First, Waine Su Khaing Thein is current hot celebrity in Myanmar. Every young generation know her and even some […]

Digital Marketing? Just start Facebook marketing

Digital Marketing business in Myanmar are growing. But only few people know what is called digital marketing. It is because the market is very young. Instead of digital marketing, you better said Facebook marketing because it is the time business companies are focusing on Facebook to promote their products. I have been learning how to use lots of tools and applications which are used for digital marketing. But those are not much useful for now. Only companies which have international experiences, relation or which are international companies will only think of it. But they still don’t think it is the […]

Top ten Facebook pages of the year in Myanmar 2014

The year 2014 is ending. Here is the list of top ten Facebook pages in Myanmar according to the data based in 7Days News Journal, Eleven Media Group and The Irrawaddy (Burmese Version) Facebook pages are top three. They all are local printing media. Eleven Media claimed that they are top one printing media in Myanmar. 7Days News Journal, which is under parent company – Information Matrix, is a journal. Also they are publishing newspaper like Eleven Media does. They both are competing in local news market. The Irrawaddy was a foreign based online media organization. Starting from last […]

Linking: what web admin should not forget

The problem is Myanmar Web content creator/ writers don’t take time for linking in text. For example, we don’t usually put click-able link (active link) in any articles on websites. Linking is very important for Data searching. However Google is improving search technology for Myanmar Web content. Search will not give the best result unless web admin are not linking. There are two type of linking. 1) Internal linking (Inbound linking)2) External linking (Backlinking) Web content updaters don’t usually insert any inbound link or external link. Then the sites are not optimized well. As the site is not optimized well, […]

Facebook updated their policy for ads

Photo – I don’t know that to how many country Facebook is sending their updated policy about ads. But if you are living in Myanmar, you must get the updated policy, send by Facebook. You can also read at If you cannot read there, let me share you here. “Over the past year, we’ve introduced new features and controls to help you get more out of Facebook, and listened to people who have asked us to better explain how we get and use information. Now, with Privacy Basics, you’ll get tips and a how-to guide for taking charge […]

Is Myanmar ready for online video marketing?

Photo – There are lots of online video sharing -platforms in the world and we usually use YouTube, Vemo, Facebook and Metacafe for video sharing in Myanmar. Facebook become one of the top platform where user share their video by uploading content. So here we have question if we can start video marketing business in Myanmar. As far as I can see, it is possible. Let me explain you. Internet speed is the key Internet speed in Myanmar was not too good. We usually had to take 30 minutes to watch a three minutes video. But today we have […]

Google AdWords is now open in Myanmar

It must be the good news that Google now open AdWords in Myanmar. It means that you can sign in for AdWords account and start running Google online marketing campaign. Wait. You must have the problem with billing. I don’t see Myanmar in account setting-up page. I suggest you to just create by your secondary Google account. Because I am not sure if you get second change to change your location. However I believe that there may be any solutions emerged for Myanmar market within a year. So you will be able to pay for using AdWords. It is really […]

Attend Digital Marketing Course on Google for free! Google is offering several subjects to learn on their platform, not only for programmers and designers, but also they provide for marketers. Digital Marketing Course offered by Google is for Google product users. Google said – “As the digital marketing landscape continues to grow at a rapid pace, marketers are faced with new challenges and opportunities within this digital age.The Digital Marketing Course is an initiative designed to educate students in the area of Digital Marketing. Students that plan to undertake the Google Online Marketing Challenge are encouraged to complete the Digital Marketing Course, as the skills learned in […]