Movies to watch in Christmas holiday in Myanmar

Myanmar usually don’t have long holiday for Christmas. But some companies does it for their employee. Some people usually take leave by their decision. During that days, most people usually feel it like a period of relax even though they have to work. In many foreign companies in Myanmar, foreigners usually get holidays. Employees who work under management of foreigners usually don’t have lots of tasks for that period. So this is the time to take little relax. What will you do? I usually watch movies. Here is the list of movies you can watch in Yangon, Mandalay, Naypyitaw and […]

Lesson from Mad Max movies

Do you know the movie ‘Mad Max’? and have you ever watched it? I watched it early this month in my home. It is  a 1979 Australian dystopian action film, starring Mel Gibson. According to wikipedia, It became a top-grossing Australian film, holding the Guinness record for most profitable film for decades and has been credited for further opening up the global market to Australian New Wave films. However as the age changed, it is boring for me to watch a 1970s film. But I could recognize that it would get success in the past. It did too. Then later […]

A lesson for entrepreneurs from the Wizard of Oz

Do you know the movie, The Wizard of Oz (1939 film)? For me, I didn’t know it. But I got chance to know it today from a startup incubation program taught by a great entrepreneur from Pollenizer. Let me share you. The wizard of oz is a fictional character and he is ruler of the Land of Oz. He can appear in a different form such as a giant head, as a beautiful fairy, as a ball of fire and as a horrible monster. He is behind every appearance he did. Every one didn’t know that the old man is […]

Movies entrepreneurs should watch

There are many movies for entrepreneurs. Among them, the following are popular. You may know others too such as Wolf of Wall Street (2013). They are giving us knowledge, information, inspiration, motivation and lots of lessons. There is also a series name ‘Silicon Valley’, showing in US this year. Every entrepreneurs should also have practice of watching movies because it is one of the best way for us learning. You can search at local and online to watch the followings. 1. The Social Network (2010)2. Glengarry Glen Ross (1992) 3. Pirates of Silicon Valley (1999)4. Citizen Kane (1941) 5. The […]

‘Dawn of the Planet of the Apes’ is worth watching

I watched the movie, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, on Friday night in Sanpya cinema in Yangon. I would say it is really a nice movie. It gave me many lessons. I would share you. The first lesson is about discrimination. We, human being, are very good at discriminating each other. People at higher level of position at job discriminate people at lower level of position. Discrimination is not only about skin color. It is all about people are acting each other. We need to respect each other. . The second lesson is about fear. People are fighting […]

Transformers: Age of Extinction in Myanmar cinemas

Beside the fact that many countries have chance watching the latest transformers film on June 27, It was release in Yangon, Myanmar on June 4. The movie took three hours show time. The improvement what I saw from the movie is animation technology. Apart from animation, other facts from the movies doesn’t go too much far from the old scripts. It is as we know that Transformer come to fight each other, where the team leading by Optimus Prime save the world. We can see many returning transformers there. Even Bugatti became a Asian transformer.The actor is not Shia LaBeouf […]

Edge of Tomorrow showed talent people

I watched Edge of Tomorrow film last Friday night. It is a nice science fiction film. But It is not too much outstanding in my point of view. It’s because most of that kind of film such as Battle: Los Angeles, Independence Day, Pacific Rim, etc, cannot still get out of the fact that people win the fight by hit the key source of the enemy. After Tom Cruise destroyed Omega which is life sources of Mimics invading the earth, all Mimics were dead. Then the movie ended. One different thing is that Tom Cruise can reset time so he […]

You can choose to get back

I am seeing that many blogs are referring to Jakie Chan’s saying in the movie ‘The Karate Kid’ that is – “Life will knock us down, but we can choose to get back up.”  I would also like to add my suggestion to readers here too. Our live also go the same way with his saying. Many troubles and problems can knock us down. They can make us fail. But to get back or not is our choice. It doesn’t depend on fortunes and problems anymore. Some people once failed in life. They always share their experience to generation why […]

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 film in 3D was released in Yangon

I watched The Amazing Spider-Man 2 movie last Sunday in Yangon. It was release on May 9. It’s a nice super-hero film, showing the battle between spider-man and his enemy. Andrew Garfield have done well as a Peter Parker and also as a spider-man. As the movie took place in New York, I would like to make a joke that most super heroes and his enemies who destroy the world were born and are living there. But the movie is good enough to attract all ages of audience. But what I don’t like is Emma Stone (Gwen Stacy) got killed […]