Captain America vs The Winter Soldier

I watched Captain America: The Winter Soldier today in Dagon Center 2 in Yangon today. I would give three and half stars for rating to it. You know why? Let me share you. Lesson from the movie The movie say us not to trust too much to business partners and work mates. They will not hesitate to betray you when their greed went over their moral. There Robert Redford (Alexander Pierce in the film), a senior of S.H.I.E.L.D betray the organization and the country because he want to ruin the world and get benefit from it by co operating with […]

Need for Speed film is not a difference

Today, on Saturday, I watched Need for Speed film in Nay Pyi Taw cinema in Yangon. I first tough that it would give me something news and better to my experiences. But it is not a difference one. Based on the video game, using the most expensive cars on the film, Need for Speed just showed how fast and how to drive first a sport car. Tobey Marshall (Aaron Paul in hollywood) is a former car racer and revenged for his friend who got killed by car accident in the last racing by Dino (villan in the movie). Bugatti Veyron, […]

What I have learned from 300: Rise of am Empire

Last Friday night, I watched 300: Rise of am Empire, a follow-up 2007 film to 300, is a fantasy war film. The film showed the battle between Greek Empire and Persian Empire.  The film differed from the first 300 because all battle senses are in the sea water, showing battles between many ships, including destroyers and big yachts. The film gave me some of the following facts. Never give before you get commitment It’s funny and shameful to share, but it is important. Persian naval commander, Artemisia, had a sex with Athens general, Themistocles to convince him to join Persians. […]

What Lego movie taught us?

As today is weekend, I watched The Lego Move 3D film in Junction square of Yangon. I firstly thought that it should be as a kid movie, but I was wrong when I finished it. It taught us many things, and some are the followings. Everyone is special At almost of the time, we always compare with cleverest and famous person in the world, and we insult to our self by feeling that we couldn’t do as everybody do. Actually, nothing more is needed to be special except kind heart and good will. If you are doing great things that […]