Why there should be a nation based social network

  This thought came to my mind since five years ago but now this thought make me feel true again and again because of the current Facebook case with US congress.   How data can be used   Data can be used in both business purpose and political purpose. In developing countries like Myanmar, data is fatal and that can lead to ruining a country. From 2011, the internet was just opened. Massive internet user growth just started from 2015 when 3G SIM cards were launched. This means Myanmar people are not yet familiar with internet. Literacy at internet is […]

Myanmar-Entrepreneur is now two year old and why I keep on doing this

Aung Kham: “I think I should stop writing for a while. My English is too bad. I have to improve my English skill. I’ll attend IELTS class at British Council and only after it, I should write again” David Madden: “Aung Kham, never stop doing good thing only because you’re not perfect”.  Last six months ago, I was talking with David Madden, founder of Phandeeyar. He is one of my mentor for me in this career. Because of his motivational words, I kept on writing no matter I’m bad at English language.  Being a blogger in Myanmar is hard. One […]

The rise of foreign exchange market in Myanmar

  Since last two years ago, there are been several companies in Myanmar which provide foreign exchange market service. It is called Forex in short-term format. Beside foreign exchange service, there are also other types of exchange which exchange gold and gas. But Forex is more popular among Myanmar.   Is it legal?   Government haven’t issue yet the law and policy for exchange market in Myanmar. The world business experts predict Myanmar is going to have stock exchange market in near future. But we don’t know when it can really be happened. So now, foreign exchange market seem to […]

Scaling up service business and it’s challenges

Digital marketing is a service business which have equal relation between man power and clients. I started a service business with four people. Currently we’ve over six clients. The challenge I’m facing now is scaling up the business. Let’s say you start a mobile app business with two people and you get over 1 million users. Then you got rich. But when talking about service business, it’s totally different from product business. If you want 1 million clients, you have to hire about 1 millions employee. So it’s hard to compare with service and product business. We can only increase […]

IT industry and it’s future in Myanmar

I visited to Hanoi, Vietnam last week. I had chance to visit milk factories, paramedical products manufacturing factories and many other sectors. I learned that Vietnam opens the business door to everyone in the world. There are lots of foreign investments and foreign companies. Those companies land on real estate market, stock exchange market, industrial zones and many others. I asked people where software houses exist. They told me software and many IT businesses are locating in Saigon. By the way, Vietnam and Myanmar is having a closed relation for business and many other deals.

What tech business you can start in Myanmar

Some Myanmar people who is gonna coming back to Myanmar ask me that question and I was dumb. The meaning is business is too large. I admit here that I don’t have a perfect knowledge on it because I, myself, is stay running on my comfort zone which is digital marketing. However I can advice how you can choose a type of business to start.