Migration from service business to product business

  I’ve been starting own business with friends. Type of business is service. To say specifically, it’s digital marketing. Now I’m feeling afraid if the business would stop after running for two years. I got that psycho after learning that many service business here in Myanmar are dying. It’s because they can’t do it to be sustainable.

Being shy in business make you fail

  Being shy in business seem very rare in your field if you are not in Myanmar business field. But here in Myanmar, you will see many are shy. They are nervous to speak out something they are not feeling satisfied. Even I’m shy sometimes to speak. We called is in Myanmar language ‘Arr Nar Tal’. Myanmar people are too Arr Nar Tal in dealing with people.

An Introduction to Online Payment Gateways

  Online Payment Gateways- An Overview Nowadays, online payment systems are playing a very pivotal role in the E-commerce landscape. As businesses grow and expand their operations, the need to offer online payment mechanisms becomes imminent. The use of online payment gateways dates back to the 1960s, where they were a part of the running operations of banks and other financial institutions. This is when ATMs and credit cards surfaced as a convenient payment gateway to facilitate consumers. This was a turning point in the commercial sector because it helped to reshape the very dynamics that shape and affect businesses. […]

Know your strength

  It’s been 4 years that I do social media marketing and internet marketing. While working in companies, I also helped in press release event by interpreting. Also I translate content for them to localise for Myanmar country. I’ve been asked by my bosses ‘why are you not doing public relation? You’re good at it. And other people also tell me ‘why are you not having own translation service?’

Will taxi app work in Myanmar?

  There are some global taxi app coming into Myanmar. Taxi app are app which people use to hire taxi via app. There are also local companies who do taxi app are emerging in Myanmar too. How do you think if it would work for now? Before talking about the app, let’s talk about data and information about automobiles in Myanmar

Discipline first, innovation second

Many people in tech and business field of Myanmar today are very familiar innovation. But one thing some are almost forgetting is ‘discipline’. How do you think? I would say discipline come first before innovation. I have many friends who are recognized as genius because they can create new programs, software, hardware and many new products. But only few of them are living on discipline. There is two kinds of discipline basically; self-discipline and discipline according to place. Who make disciplines? Human make disciplines and they have to live not to go beyond disciplines. More and more rules and regulation […]

Is beauty pageant orientation of Myanmar

Nowadays, Myanmar has been known by the whole world by beauty queens. Myanmar is winning crowns and many medal in beauty pageant. Even in Myanmar country, most people are now having their attention in beauty queens, entertainment, arts, models and so on. What is orientation of Myanmar. I don’t think so that it is good idea beauty pageant is becoming orientation of Myanmar. Orientation of Germany is Mechanical Engineering. They have the world cleverest mechanical engineers and great inventors. India is not in list of country anymore because they leaded the global software market. South Korea and Japan are known […]

Teaching is the best learning method

As title said, teaching is the best learning method. There is no doubt for it if you had experience of teaching. Before we teach someone else, we need to learn first deep. Therefore, we mastered the field and being able to make them understand. Teaching is not only about teaching people in the class. You can also write article and publish in your blog. As you can see me, I am not such a perfect entrepreneurs. I even didn’t know the meaning of the entrepreneur in the past. But as I want to make people know about it, I read […]

Difference between working at start-up and enterprise companies

I have worked in a start-up and enterprise companies. Both are foreign based companies, expanding market in Myanmar. As far as I worked, I found the different advantages and disadvantages. In start-up companies Advantages 1.       You are responsible not only for what your contract is saying, but also other things. I mean you will have to do everything that you can do. You will sometimes be a cleaner if there is no cleaner in the office. Sometimes you will also become a customer service manager even though you are a developer. Startups usually don’t have enough crew to take care […]