Need of double effort in working to develop the country

When I worked in a NGO project related with Hotels, I got chance to work together with a German expert. One day, I asked him for his opinion about comparison between Myanmar and Lao. He said “I see Myanmar has brighter future than Laos. I used to work in Laos for many years. I worked with young people like you in their country as well. But they are not ambitious like you. When I ask something, the response and action are late. But here in Myanmar, youths are really ambitious and willing to work. And they are active. Therefore Myanmar […]

Create the future that you want in Myanmar

The Buddha said ‘you become what you think’. If you are thinking bad about your life, your life will always be bad. This is the time to change your mind if it is going to wrong. As you and we are seeing that the development of the country is not going fast. It is slow honestly. Such kind of condition make people in Myanmar depress and not to move anymore ahead in their business sometimes.  It is the big challenge, and it is the opportunity. No business came from the easy life condition. The most difficult condition will give you […]

Myanmar still need education foundation

It is also a big issue when talking about education in Myanmar as people were very used to living in life with poor education. Until 2012, people had to rely on education system supported by government. Only those who are rich could get international standard education. Today there many private education centers emerged and it welcomed both rich and poor student who are under 16. For those who want to get higher education, it is still difficult in Myanmar to access to international standard education platforms. For example, if having small money, universities and colleges opened by government are ultimate […]

US Secretary said Myanmar leaders to stay on path to democracy

In, the news said that US Secretary, John Kerry, said Myanmar leaders to stays on path to democracy. It seems like Kerry felt disappoint for two problems in Myanmar, losing freedom of speech of journalist and Rakhine-Rohingya clash. Rahkine-Rohingya clash already went though Myanmar by the title ‘Myanmar-Muslim clash’. After getting democracy, the country went to the worse condition with many problems ad riots. People already lost their belief on U Thein Sein, Myanmar president due to un changed people living standing and economy. People in Myanmar still don’t think that they are getting real democracy. That’s why Kerry […]

Without learning deep will only make you an armature

To develop a career, the experts suggest us to learn as deep as we can. Many people are lazy to go deep to any kind of issue. That’s one of the reasons why people failed in their career and business. It’s not only concerned to developing a career but also for running an own business.  When they have to deal with any issue, they don’t go deep to the issue. They don’t read the detail of the contract, terms and condition and any other facts related to business. Some want to develop the best product, but they don’t go the […]

Do it yourself. Don’t wait for anyone else to develop the country

Many people in the world like hero. We, in Myanmar also, can see such kind of people who like hero. Yes. I also like hero. But I feel that everyone is special – not only hero but also us. We lived in life with scare, waited for someone else who lead and change the country. Then I think that there are still also many people in the country who are waiting someone to lead and change the country. When talking about politics with friends, they said they don’t care. When talking about they future, they don’t care. What they said […]

‘A person can live on 2000 Kyats a day’ said by vice president of Myanmar

Myanmar vice-president U Nyan Tun on May 19 said in the forum of municipal development ‘a person can live on 2000 Kyats a day’. Now citizens are getting angry for his saying in the forum. It became a hot topic in social network.  2000 Kyat is nearly 2 Dollar in US currency. A young man from shouthen part of Myanmar who is working in Yangon shared his daily cost – ‘Well. I have the following cost daily – ·         Morning breakfast – 400 Kyats ·         Transportation cost – 500 Kyats ·         Launch – 700 Kyats ·         Dinner – 700 Kyats […]

How to stop conflicts between religions

I am a Buddhist, and I follow the teaching of Buddha. As far as I learned I came to feel upset for today conflicts between religions. As learned from Buddha, he taught as to practice the four-immeasurables which are –     1) Loving-kindness (Metta)    2) Compassion (Karuna)    3) Empathetic joy (Mudita)    4) Equanimity (Upekkha) Loving-kindness is hoping someone or everyone fine; “the wish that all sentient beings, without any exception, be happy.” Compassion is hoping a person’s sufferings to diminish; “the wish for all sentient beings to be free from suffering.”Empathetic joy is feeling joy in the accomplishments of a […]

Myanmar need to strengthen electronic law

Although the country has the law to protect people from cyber bullying, it still need to strengthen more because such crimes as leaking naked video and photos online are spreading everywhere in Myanmar which goes global. There are many people who got bullied by their leaked naked video and other videos shot by hidden cameras. There was a famous Myanmar singer and actress named Thazin whose video of being on the bed with ex-boyfriend was spreading through internet. There no lawsuit and filing from her weren’t came out because she feel shame and believe the condition that the law for […]

How much income should Myanmar people have

Today workers in Myanmar is getting paid with a few salaries. For average, it is still under 100 USD. Even for University graduated workers, they would only be paid 150 USD in average. Let me calculate you monthly cost of a person who live in the city. Renting an apartment to live in the city cost – 150 USD For meal, it costs – 3 USD a day at least, so we can count it for a month – 100 USD Transportation cost – 30 USD Extra 100 USD should be saved for healthy and any unexpected cost. So Total […]