Just one post per day or even more than 3 post per day on Facebook in Myanmar?

Facebook, the biggest social media platform in Myanmar in terms of the user population, has been a craving for many people in Myanmar. To speak about the data, Facebook show there are now over 10 to 15 Millions of active users monthly. Yes. It is increasing dynamically. No companies which need consumer and audience from any place can avoid Facebook. They have to create Facebook page. It is the easy start. The difficult stage arise when considering about post frequency.

Learning how Department of State of U.S. run social media

  Thank you United States government and thanks to everyone I should for letting us to discuss with digital gurus, tech gurus from Department of States of U.S.   Department of States is like a forieng ministry of U.S which run internatianal relations jobs for U.S. government. DOS is one of the powerful department in US which also hold many social media accounts execpt the count of ‘The White House’.

Does Facebook account verifying system work well for Myanmar

Facebook finally came out with the best idea to remove fake account. The idea and the plan is to verify everyone with ID card, which is very effective. However there are still some weakness. Some people well-known public figures’ name are changed. There is a culture in Myanmar. Myanmar artists are having their artist name which is not same with their real name in ID.

Instant Articles on Facebook

  Facebook is launching a new feature on Facebook, called Instant Articles. Instant Articles will let you read news and stories on Facebook News Feed. You don’t have to go to the website to read full stories. Facebook said that it’s a big time-consuming within clicking the link on Facebook to go website. Facebook’s new features let news and media to publish on Facebook. Facebook is working with nine launch partners for Instant Articles: The New York Times, National Geographic, BuzzFeed, NBC, The Atlantic, The Guardian, BBC News, Spiegel and Bild. News companies will also be able to monetize on […]

Let’s try social media management tools

Before using social media management tools, I was thinking it’s a busy job to use. But after using some platforms, I found it’s helpful. There are many social media management tools and each of them have different features and usages. Some give you data report only but some let you manage your social media from the platform. Here are some I tried – HootSuite HootSuite let you manage social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and some other. Their product is the best for Twitter platform. Twitter and HootSuite Integration is deep and you can even watch over hashtag, […]

Transition from social based user to web based user in Myanmar internet

Top ten 10 Facebook pages in Myanmar for March 2015 My friend keep on asking me how they gonna make people who are fan of their Facebook page, visit their website. It’s been a big challenge for Myanmar internet businesses. The condition is Myanmar internet users are thinking they are using internet just by using Facebook. I’ve been writing a lot regarding with this issue. It will never be getting old talking about it again and again. We have three things to consider. Internet connection That’s the first issue when thinking to make a transition from social based user to […]

Why Twitter is not popular in Myanmar

Since I have been working in social media market in Myanmar, I could only see very few people who are using Twitter. Only three of my 3 of my 10 friends are active on twitter. I see that big amount of percentage because I am working in tech industry where in people are handy with internet. So why is twitter not popular in Myanmar? First come first choice The answer is very simple because Myanmar people first got familiar with Facebook among many social media websites. I wouldn’t say it first. In Myanmar there were social medias such as Tagged. […]

What I learnt from Tech for Social Change workshop for CSOs in Myanmar

It is me standing in front of a bunch of people from NGO background and teaching them how to use Facebook for NGO work. As I am working at Phandeeyar, a ICT hub and community, fostering tech, CSOs and journalist community to grow better, one of my task is to train people from CSOs to do good works online. There I found a difference between local and global NGOs. Global NGOs can do things online but local NGOs cannot. Some people from them still don’t have emails. It was so then hard to train them about Facebook advocacy. I also […]

Top ten Facebook pages of the year in Myanmar 2014

The year 2014 is ending. Here is the list of top ten Facebook pages in Myanmar according to the data based in socialbakers.com. 7Days News Journal, Eleven Media Group and The Irrawaddy (Burmese Version) Facebook pages are top three. They all are local printing media. Eleven Media claimed that they are top one printing media in Myanmar. 7Days News Journal, which is under parent company – Information Matrix, is a journal. Also they are publishing newspaper like Eleven Media does. They both are competing in local news market. The Irrawaddy was a foreign based online media organization. Starting from last […]

Facebook want Burmese market specialist

Facebook is recruiting Myanmar people who can speak and write Burmese and English. It means that they need a pure Myanmar who know everything about Myanmar to expand their market in Myanmar. The position is market specialist community operation, which is from their online operation team. The job location is at Dublin, Ireland. Facebook said as the following. Facebook was built to help people connect and share, and over the last decade our tools have played a critical part in changing how people around the world communicate with one another. With over a billion people using the service and more […]