Telenor launched a accelerate program for startup in Myanmar

  Telenor Myanmar Limited (“Telenor”) today launched ‘Telenor Accelerate – a programme designed to strengthen efforts in supporting and developing the Myanmar startup scene. Partnering the company’s regional Telenor counterparts, namely dtac in Thailand and Digi in Malaysia, Telenor Accelerate offers Myanmar startups with mentorship, training and support, and up to US$50,000 in seed funding.

Evolution of Tech Entrepreneus and entreprenurship in South East Asia

Evolution of Tech Entrepreneurs and Entrepreneurship in South East Asia

Till the end of the nineteenth century, the focus of innovation based economic growth was essentially an American and West European concept. Last two decades have witnessed a surge in innovation and entrepreneurial endeavors in the rest of the world also. The South East Asia has been silently and steadily witnessing the rise of this phenomenon thus becoming an essential player of this growth decentralization. Some Cities to look for: Singapore Singapore is the largest player in South East Asia and is considered as the best place in the world to live. Its strengths are: strong and effective legal system, […]

Property, a barrier to start a business in Myanmar

To start a business in Myanmar, getting an office space become a big barrier for entrepreneurs. There are not much solution for it. Startups exist in Yangon because Yangon is the city where global business come in and internet connection is better than other cities of Myanmar. To rent a small apartment, the size of 60×40 feet, it cost at least 400,000 Kyat in downtown. The price is always rising. It is also because Myanmar don’t have stock market where they can invest their money on. Currently, Myanmar real estate market became a place for investment. People are buying, selling […] where you can meet local startups

It’s quiet hard for a foreigner to find all local startup in the same place together online. I have lots of requests of where to find local startups. I usually recommend those to join group, which has bunches of local startups. There are over 930 members already. Most of them are local Myanmar startup business owners. Few of them are foreigners who start business in Myanmar. It became a very effective group for startup to invite and organize people. We usually use it to share knowledge, experience and connect each other for business. We also use LinkedIn, but only […]

What you need to start a business

One of my friends, today, asked me whether money or experience is needed to start a business. Because he is a marine engineer, spending whole time in sea life with no passion, he want to found a business on land. Then so he asked if he could left the sea man job and start working on land. If so, the other problem is he doesn’t have enough money to start. He is working on ship to save the money. And then he will use that money for own business. That’s his idea. Now he started confusing as he is not […]

Focus on one thing when to start a business

Let’s say that you go a trip with one kilo load and another one go with five kilo load. Whom do you think will get to goal first. Making a business is endless. After carrying one kilo, you may have to carry more kilo in the future. What is your professional and where you are the best? To start a business you need to focus on only one thing. I am seeing lots of startups and entrepreneurs in Myanmar. Some are failing and some are winning. By learning to those failing, I came to see that their focus point is […]

A good web startup to learn – Iteracy

I don’t usually appreciate people and business easily and without learning about them. Since three days ago, I found out a website Check and learn about them. I believe you may like it. Iteracy is a web design and development service company, a startup, based in UK. I searched in Google for some online marketing and SEO tips. I found out that their website is appearing in top organic search result of search engine page. It means that they are really professional at it. I founded that they are giving services such as web design, web development, content management, […]