Evolution of Tech Entrepreneus and entreprenurship in South East Asia

Evolution of Tech Entrepreneurs and Entrepreneurship in South East Asia

Till the end of the nineteenth century, the focus of innovation based economic growth was essentially an American and West European concept. Last two decades have witnessed a surge in innovation and entrepreneurial endeavors in the rest of the world also. The South East Asia has been silently and steadily witnessing the rise of this phenomenon thus becoming an essential player of this growth decentralization. Some Cities to look for: Singapore Singapore is the largest player in South East Asia and is considered as the best place in the world to live. Its strengths are: strong and effective legal system, […]

An Introduction to Online Payment Gateways

  Online Payment Gateways- An Overview Nowadays, online payment systems are playing a very pivotal role in the E-commerce landscape. As businesses grow and expand their operations, the need to offer online payment mechanisms becomes imminent. The use of online payment gateways dates back to the 1960s, where they were a part of the running operations of banks and other financial institutions. This is when ATMs and credit cards surfaced as a convenient payment gateway to facilitate consumers. This was a turning point in the commercial sector because it helped to reshape the very dynamics that shape and affect businesses. […]

ICT talk in Myanmar Skynet TV Program

  The woman in the middle is Noe Noe, co-founder of Sundew Myanmar, a tech startup in Myanmar and she is the one who asked me to come have a talk on ICT in Myanmar for a Skynet TV program. The guy at the far right is Ye Myat Min, founder of Nex, a Myanamr IT startup. Skynet is a TV channels broadcasting variety of channels. One of the channels is Skynet up to date channel, which broadcast up to date news and events.

Will Myanmar people use Windows 10

Some of my friends are still using Windows 7. I also saw that many companies in Myanmar are also still using Windows 7. As long as Microsoft is giving security updates and other important features, it’s fine to keep on using Windows 7. But only one problem would occur in user’s life which is becoming an idiot in technology who know nothing about updates. Many people in Myanmar are not still handy with Windows 7. Windows 7 and Windows 8 has a too big gap in user experience. There are some added features. In Windows 8, you can still use […]

Myanmar people’s feedback on Samsung Galaxy S6

Since Samsung have revealed Samsung Galaxy S6, they may be getting both good and bad feedback from all over the world. I have a news and media page and published about Samsung Galaxy S6 revealing news. Many Myanmar people commented on the news and saw a lot of comment which rate S6 under 3 star. If you can read in Myanmar see in the link – http://goo.gl/ROHTTv If you are not a Myanmar, you may be wondering why people are not happy more with Samsung devices. It is because of the following facts. Body style and appearance not changing much  […]