Myanmar people eager for VR

Since after Barcamp, we can significantly see many Myanmar people who interest about VR. One of my friend, Aung Win Htut and his friends together created a Facebook group named Myanmar VR Community. Within four days, there has been over 430 people joined the group and the number of people requesting to join the group is increasing daily. They have purpose not only helping each other who learn VR but also people from rural areas learn something new by VR support. In case here, VR is a virtual reality. They are making lots of Google cardboard. Ko Aung Win Htut […]

Make Google Cardboard in Myanmar

Have you ever play with Google Cardboard? It is a fold-out cardboard smartphone mount that, when combined with lenses, a magnet, a piece of hook-and-loop fastener and a rubber band and held against the face, affords a virtual reality experience. You can play it. It’s a kind of DIY product. You can do it yourself. There was the introduction of Google Cardboard in Myanmar, last week at Phandeeyar. You have to download apps to watch 3D virtual environment. Google also offers SDKs for developers to develop suitable applications for it. It is an innovation. And it is cheap. Every materials […]

If you want to contribute Google Map for Myanmar

Map-maker is where you can contribute inserting local data in Google Map. You can add data in the categories such as Restaurant, Cafe, Condo, University, Shopping Mall, Gym, Movie Theater, Bank, Hospital, Bank Station, etc. When Google Map have enough data, it will be a great support for businesses and individuals. You may missed the chance to contribute Google Translate. But you can still improve it. Now you get chance to early help it. Make sure you don’t put wrong data. Otherwise people will get wrong information and data. Search result in Google Search Engine will be very accurate for […]

Facebook now can detect your drunk face

Facebook now has technology to detect if you are drunk in the photos you uploaded. Facebook already used their sensing technology in images since more than three years ago. Now the technology is upgraded to a high level which is detecting drunk faces. Facebook also said that they want to become a digital assistance for users. I think their destination will not be too far away for them. Facebook make it to make sure that you don’t upload images while you are drunk. So there is no way you will regret for the photos. Facebook installed face detecting technology to […]

Google Translate support Myanmar language now!

Now you can translate from English to Myanmar, Myanmar to English and to and from many other languages by Google Translate. It is done by Google Translation for Burmese community. You can also become one of them.  Google Translate don’t still have too much data. They need more Myanmar volunteers. Google Translate is needing improvement. There are still many mistakes. Some Myanmar people are making jokes on the mistakes. It is not a perfect one yet. And I think it will never become a perfect one. But they can make it useful for foreigners who want to learn about Myanmar. […]

Facebook updated their policy for ads

Photo – I don’t know that to how many country Facebook is sending their updated policy about ads. But if you are living in Myanmar, you must get the updated policy, send by Facebook. You can also read at If you cannot read there, let me share you here. “Over the past year, we’ve introduced new features and controls to help you get more out of Facebook, and listened to people who have asked us to better explain how we get and use information. Now, with Privacy Basics, you’ll get tips and a how-to guide for taking charge […]

Viber introduced public chat in Myanmar

Today Viber officially introduced one of their new feature ‘Public Chat’ in Viber in Yangon, Myanmar. Are you interested? Let me share you what I got from them. Viber is second most popular message/ VOIP app in the world Viber claimed that they are the second most popular chat/ VOIP app in the world. The firsts place is being taken by WhatsApp. But when talking in the way of monetizing, Viber the world top app. WhatsApp is just for messaging. Line is following Viber in revenue and user population. Viber has over 460 million user in the world and more […]

Mobile app developing companies in Myanmar

There are many mobile startups in Myanmar. In Myanmar, there are more than 5 million mobile subscriber. It is now giving rooms for mobile startups to grow their business. In within three years, mobile coverage is going to get beyond 50 percent of Myanmar population of 51 million. But there are not too much startups who create mobile apps. At the current time people use Facebook, Candy Cruch, and some other game for fun. For information and entertainment, people need more localized apps. As far as I know, the following is the list of mobile app startups in Myanmar. 1) […]

Internet Penetration and future online business in Myanmar

It is always difficult to give exact information about Myanmar Internet Penetration. Some said it is 7 percent of total population in Myanmar. Some said it is only 2 percent. Whatever, it is sure that Myanmar have over 1 million of Facebook user. We could probably guess that Myanmar has over 1.8 millions of internet users. The fact showing in the link could be wrong. It is true that Myanmar only had about 530,000s internet users in 2010. After 2010, internet user increment rate became double. Whatever people are saying, internet penetration is still less than 7 percent of […]

What is SEO?

This image comes from Search Engine Land is one of the sources where I learned about Search Engine Optimization. In case you need to know about SEO, the SEO table will help you to understand some point. But you may not know some terms and usages. You can ask me or wander around the website and Google. Let me explain you in very short way. Search engine optimization is optimizing website for search engine so that search engine such as Google show the optimized website in top results. Then people can easily find your website. People will also found […]