Myanmar Entrepreneur become another WordPress website

In early 2014, I started Myanmar Entrepreneur as a blogspot because my knowledge on website was very little. Since that time till today, I never stop learning. I learn about coding, website, hosting and many others which are all about website and internet. I actually wanted to be able to build own website. But I don’t have much knowledge in coding. Since then, I was finding which will become a good platform to publish article. Blogspot is just a blog. Blog has default features and services such as SEO and hosting. The problem is you cannot expand it to become […]

Scholarship Announcement for Native Burmese Student Applicants to the University of the People

The Krüger Foundation announced a USD 40,000 scholarship program for Burmese students applying to study at the University of the People (UoPeople). The grant provides ten full scholarships for promising students who come from and are resident in Myanmar to study at a leading online university based in the United States. High school graduates in Myanmar are invited to apply for the Krüger Myanmar Scholarship Program, which covers the costs of a four-year Bachelor’s course in either Business Administration or Computer Science. The application process consists of two parts, including: Part 1 takes place online and requires the applicant to […]

Myanmar long public Holiday Start tomorrow

Myanmar usually have long holiday in April. It usually take place from 10th of the month to 21st. But it’s not always same for every years. For this year, it start from 11th April and end on 21st April. Those are holiday because Myanmar celebrate Thingyan among that period.Thingyan is a water festival, in which people throw water to each others. People celebrate because it’s ending of a Myanmar year. It’s a kind of new year celebration of Myanmar and other buddhism country such as Thailand and some in south east Asia. Today people celebrate Thingyan by making stages beside […]

U.S. Embassy’s 2015 Thingyan video got popular in Myanmar Facebook users

Today at around 2 pm, U.S.Embassy Rangoon, Myanmar posted a video on their Facebook page and it got popular around Myanmar Facebook users. In Video, U.S.Embassy teamed up and dance in Myanmar culture way and say best wishes for Myanmar. The embassador of U.S. Embassy said the in video, “On behalf of the American people, we wish everyone a safe and happy Thingyan new year filled with peace, good health and loving-kindness (metta) for all.” He spoke in Myanmar language. From the video and their posts on Facebook, we can see that U.S.Embassy is empowering Myanmar in many ways they […]

Time to start video marketing in Myanmar

I’m seeing on my Facebook news feeds that people are sharing video a lot. It prove that people in Myanmar are now consuming video content very well today. I’m sorry that I couldn’t bring you exact data. But I can surely say that it’s not like before anymore. Until 2013, Myanmar people are hard to watch online video because of very slow connection. Today they have internet service from mobile operators such as Telenor and Ooredoo. The condition makes them to watch many videos. Even I am watching a lot since last six months ago. But we usually watch video […]

Culture and religious fact impact your brand – Be careful

Some of my foreigner asked me how important culture and religious is for Myanmar people? Some asked what to avoid when making a marketing and advertising contents. The image shown is what a bar made for their marketing campaign. Now those people who made are in jail. Even a foreigner, a New Zealand citizen is in jail now. I don’t know how many year they will have to live in prison. The pay back is big. There are may things that you have to be very careful when starting a business. Your marketing campaigns should be started after taking facts […]