, a Facebook group where Myanmar startups meet

Kaung Sitt, a Myanmar entrepreneur founded a Facebook group,, with the help of other foreign and local entrepreneurs in Myanmar. The group is started since 2013 and now it become a big online community for startups in Myanmar. There are now more than over 1700 entrepreneurs existing in the group. 90 percent of them are Myanmar entrepreneurs, of which some are working at other countries and some at local. Most of them are from Yangon. Most of them are from tech industry. There are some app development company founders and web development company founders. Some are working employee with […]

Where you can learn in Myanmar language

There are not much websites in Myanmar where you can learn in Myanmar language. Few websites have been emerged for Myanmar. Let me share you some websites. Those are where you can learn English language. Moeshinn is just a blog created by an IELTS learner. English Attack is an online English Class founded by international experts. Myanmar Network is forum developed by British Council in Myanmar. They all are giving lots of knowledge and lessen regarding English language.  You may already know Khan Academy. Khan Academy now has videos with Myanmar subtitles. Their current target students […]

An online and mobile restaurant directory in Myanmar

In the information technology age, Myanmar don’t have much content and information which is written in Myanmar online. People are writing too much on Facebook which are not searchable and trustful. We usually encourage people to start tech startup which provide reliable information and resources for Myanmar. Since I have been writing about an English language learning website in Myanmar, this time let me introduce you about an online restaurant directory, MyLann. MyLann is not only an online directory, but also a mobile app which can have you data saved offline. For the current time, the startup focus on Yangon […]