Finding your career back

  Many of Myanmar young people are losing career. They don’t know what they want to do and what they should do. It’s actually not the thing happening only in Myanmar, but also in other countries. It also concern with government those who don’t create much job opportunities for people. However, it is not the solution. The solution is you try your way. Here let me give you some tips to reborn your career.

The Asia Foundation Development is calling for talented Asian youths for leadership training program

The non-profit organization, the Asia Foundation is giving talented youths opportunities to get leadership skills and lots of other things which will be good for them and their countries. The applicatoin dead line is November 12 of 2014. The selected youths will get chance to travel and get training at Singapore, Nepal and USA. The program is the Asia Foundation Development Fellows 2015. It is not only for young people. The application is also open for under 40s people. Yes. We can also say they are youths. The Asia Foundation Development Fellows program provides highly qualified, young professionals from Asia […]

Does your age matter in business life?

My friends, 19s, told me that they are not getting opportunity because they are young. And they said that old people are not giving them place in business. Many young people are also thinking that way too. I will tell you. Your ages doesn’t matter in business. Business companies never take facts on if the company from which they are going to get service is built by old people or young people. They are just making sure to know –  1)      If the company has the good reputation 2)      If the company is trustworthy 3)      If the company is professional […]

Success can make you fail

Young people usually get experience of failing after getting a success. Do you know why? They are not old enough to withstand the side effect of winning. After winning many battles, legends in the history got over confidence. Finally, they got failure. It is called success made them fail. I am seeing that many young people who are getting famous in early age in Myanmar are getting down by rumors and haters. They were not able to fight all back. Also some people lost their mind after getting a success. I also always have to remind myself not to lose […]

Discipline first, innovation second

Many people in tech and business field of Myanmar today are very familiar innovation. But one thing some are almost forgetting is ‘discipline’. How do you think? I would say discipline come first before innovation. I have many friends who are recognized as genius because they can create new programs, software, hardware and many new products. But only few of them are living on discipline. There is two kinds of discipline basically; self-discipline and discipline according to place. Who make disciplines? Human make disciplines and they have to live not to go beyond disciplines. More and more rules and regulation […]

Message to young people in Myanmar on IYD

Today is International youth day. There are some events in Myanmar for it. International Youth Day (IYD) is an awareness day designated by the United Nations. The purpose of the day is to draw attention to a given set of cultural and legal issues surrounding youth. The first IYD was observed on 12 August, 2000. As I am 23 years old youth, I would like to give you the following messages. 1) Try to take responsibility, not a place or title It is what Daw Aung San Su Kyi said to young people in Myanmar. I agree with it. As […]

Why you should not get worry of your future in career

It is right to think of your future career. I also have many friends who are preparing for 2015. They always tell me ‘we gotta get ready for 2105 year’. Yes. On that year, many business companies from around the world will enter Myanmar and will create many opportunities for Myanmar to grow up. So what I see is that they are spending too much time in their education. They work for week day and study in weekend is fine. But some attend classes in morning or early evening time of week days making  them to sacrifice their working hour […]

Stop collecting certificates and degrees, and start working

My friends are asking me a place where they can get certificates and degrees about Business. What they want are diploma in Business, MBA, etc. I asked them why they went. Then they answered me ‘We will get the good job if we have certificates and degrees’. How do you think? Are you also trying to collect certificates and degrees? It can be useful to a condition, but it’s not useful enough for you to get high pad job. In foreign country, after finishing college with diploma or degree, young people get the job by suitable paid. Then if continued […]

It’s your mistake if you die poor!

As you may already know one of the most people know quotes of Bill Gate: ‘If you are born poor, it is not your mistake. But if you die poor, it is your mistake. It’s a universal truth. Many young people of today age are blaming to everyone for their current imperfect life. Actually, they should know that it is not the reason they are not getting success. It’s due to bad deeds we did in the past existences of life. Now it is not the time to blame for it. Actually  we did it all. We are not suffering […]

Young people are slaves of sensual pleasures

Some young people of today became slaves of sensual pleasures which ruin their future. They want to succeed in life, to be wealthy, to be appraised and to be famous. But they didn’t accomplish their destination due to many obstacles in which sensual pleasures include. They would feel bored to work overtime, but active the whole night in club, bored to attend parents but having a lot of time and money for love, busy to go monastery, but easy to hang out with friends,and find difficult to learn teaching of Buddha, Dhamma, but happy to sing music in karaoke, hard […]