Young people are having false shame and fear

As taught by Buddha, we should have two wholesome mental factors. moral fear and moral shame. Moral fear is fear to do evil and moral shame, ashamed to do evil. The book Abhidhamma in daily life say, “without that two factors, mankind will sink into evil depths, and be reduced to the state of animals. Voiding of moral shame and moral dread make people dress, ear and behave in not decent way. If it continued, the world will soon end in complete ruin and mankind will turn into animals. However, the bad news is that young people of today false […]

What the best way for young people to get success

Some of my friends told me that they want to become like me. They got impressed on me and they ask me how to do it. Then I explained them what the best way for any people to  get success. Let me share you also. We were born from different backgrounds so that I cannot become a Bill Gate and I cannot be a Obama. But I can become myself. We were born not to become some other people. We were just born to become someone who is ourselves. When we had learned from the great people from the world, […]

Don’t let your desires choose

Let’s say that we have two people in our body. One is good one and second is bad one. Good one is always suggesting you to do the good things, to choose the right things, and the bad one is always suggesting you to do the bad things and to choose the wrong things. The bad things don’t mean stealing, killing and cheating. It is the things that fulfill your wish, which is a slow down for your success. Like when you want to do the good things such as working, following your parent, the bad one is always making […]

Your wrong pride is killing your future!

As far as I have worked in many companies, I found many young people who got problems with their work mates. What I found is that young people are having wrong pride for what they have. Let me explain you more. I have a friend who is over 24 years, working on executive level. She has very good education background because she studied in Singapore. And she is clever. When managers in the office appraised her very well, her confidence went over. Then when anyone, who is the same level with her and is holding lower rank in the company, […]